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Case Study

University of Chicago integrates sales and marketing systems, showing marketing ROI for the first time

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Enhanced user experience

Enhanced visibility

UChicago's Sales-Marketing Integration Journey

The Client

The University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine connects researchers and community organizations with funding, education and resources to find effective ways to prevent and treat disease in real-world settings. ITM works with a consortium of 60 institutions toward advancing medicine in innovative ways, and its mission is to develop, test, and implement the most effective personalized therapies.

The Problem

  • ITM serves multiple segments of the medical community.
  • They struggled to efficiently capture and categorize varying user data sets at scale.
  • This resulted in manual editing and segmentation of their CRM and marketing automation platform.
  • They were preparing for the launch of a separate research campaign with a new website and additional use cases for contact interaction.
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The Solution

  • An audit was conducted on historical data in ITM's Salesforce and Pardot platforms.
  • The current process for form submissions and list management was evaluated.
  • A new data architecture was mapped out and implemented, including updates and testing of Salesforce and Pardot fields, values, and sync settings, as well as new Pardot automations and rules.
  • Data migration exercises were executed to correct outdated historical data and align with future campaigns and activities.
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The Outcome

The work allowed us to bring clarity towards ITM’s database and process for segmented future communication. Using the new structure, ITM was now able to deliver unique content for specific user needs, and have a greater line of sight towards how those users were engaging with their resources.
Enhanced User Experience
The team was now able to deliver personalized content for specific user needs.
Increased Visibility
This project resulted in the team having greater visibility into how users were engaging with their content. 

The Tools

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What the client is saying...


“A  big part of why I chose A8 is because they understood the systems we were in. Especially Salesforce, and could give us what felt like an unbiased opinion on which path we should take. They were able to understand some of our concerns with functionality and show us how we could accomplish our goals in HubSpot. They also had creative ideas to integrate with our product that didn't require A8 to build a custom integration that A8 would charge us for year over year.”

Why Aptitude 8? 

 ITM tasked Aptitude 8 with this project because of our vast knowledge with leading platforms like Pardot and Salesforce, as well as our experience in dealing with large data sets and data architectures.

Want to learn more? 

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