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Evolve beyond platform limits with Custom CRM Development and Extensibility

Extend and adapt the CRM experience. Push past “point and click” to code.

CRM Platforms are highly customizable and have extensive configuration and automation capabilities, but sometimes you just need something more. Don’t be limited by out of the box functionality or admin level configuration and let our team help you extend HubSpot to meet your needs with Custom CRM Development.

Need to build something custom? 

Rise of the RevOps Developer 

Watch this session, Rise of the RevOps Developer, from Connor Jeffers' session at INBOUND 2021 to learn how to enhance your stack, what RevOps roles are hiring for and what skills developers will need in the future

What is CRM Custom Development and Extensibility?

The HubSpot platform has tremendous power out of the box and experienced consultants can tailor the platform to most business needs, but for unique cases or large organizations that need to go beyond what HubSpot itself can do, custom development can be a great solution. Whether its custom apps, CRM cards, workflow extensions, or custom coded actions we can make it happen.

The A8 technical team is composed of Solutions Architects who can help design the right combination of configuration and out of the box solutions with custom developed components that make it all work in harmony.

Our full stack HubSpot developers can write custom coded actions, CRM components, CMS modules, and more that both deliver the customized experience you’re seeking to create and take into account the needs of the non technical business user administering them. 

Areas of Expertise 

Our technical team knows that the reason you want to build on HubSpot is to leverage the power of the out-of-the-box functionality the CRM platform has to offer. Whenever we build custom solutions, we seek to use as much configuration as possible to limit both complexity and cost. Our technical team will always work towards scalable solutions that your team can adapt and change without needing a developer.


01 Custom Coded Actions

Custom coded actions are incredibly powerful and allow you to extend the functionality of HubSpot's out-of-the-box features.

You can automate anything inside of HubSpot without limitations imposed by standard workflow actions, and enable HubSpot to push or pull data from any system with an API. They allow you to deliver iPaaS level functionality without needing to purchase any additional tools with Operations Hub pro.

Custom CRM Dev Image 1

To learn more about Operations Hub, check out our Operations Hub Playbook.

You can also weave together point and click automation solutions with custom coded actions to give non-technical RevOps and Marketing Ops users the ability to create custom automation leveraging both functions.

Custom coded actions allow you to: 

Create records
Create records in other systems like ERPS, PM or service systems
Query data
Query data from other tools to power contextual automation
Edit records
Create, update, associate, or delete records across multiple tables in HubSpot
Build apps
 Build entire applications, right inside of your CRM

02 Serverless Functions

One of the most powerful features of HubSpot’s CMS Hub Enterprise is Serverless functions, which means you can create scripts that run on top of AWS Lambda right inside of HubSpot.

Don’t let HubSpot’s packaging of Serverless functions inside of CMS hub confuse you. This feature is hugely valuable for most every development project and one of the best places to write code in your HubSpot platform.

This powerful feature is available to you with Enterprise Suite, regardless of whether your website is built on HubSpot.

Custom CRM Dev Image 2

03 Custom Quote Templates

Custom Quotes combine the web level customization of HubSpot’s CMS Hub with sales driven deal-based processes to deliver highly customized buyer experiences. Make merging fields onto a PDF feel like the 90s by building customized quoting experiences natively inside of HubSpot.

Custom CRM Dev Image 3
icon - data pipelines
Merge legal language into HubSpot quotes for legally binding eSignature
icon - Full Funnel Architects
Show product images dynamically based on line items
icon - Tech Transformation Consultants
Integrate payments or account provisioning into your quote flow
icon - ux ui design
Write data back to CRM in the quoting process

04 Workflow Extensions

Custom Coded actions are great for adding in a discreet level of functionality, but sometimes you need to add context to these actions based on user input. Leverage workflow extensions to enable your team to create automation flows for all of their needs including discrete inputs they can control without writing code.

Custom CRM Dev Image 4
icon - systems infrastructure
Create complex record create and lookup flows 
icon - User Experience
Give your HubSpot admins super powers
icon - Tech Transformation Consultants
Send formatted data to external systems
icon - campaign ops-1
Query other tools in your stack, passing variables into automations

05 Custom CRM Cards

Sometimes integrating external systems fully into HubSpot can be messy, or create security or compliance issues, but you still want your CRM users to be able to reference data from other systems inside your CRM. Custom CRM cards are your solution, creating dynamic context without full integration. They can allow you to: 

> Show formatted data from ERPs, in-house products, or connected tools

> Only display the fields you want to 

> Dynamically query other systems based on the record being viewed

> Allow for predefined actions pushed to other systems and tools

Custom CRM Dev Image 5

06 Custom Private Apps

If you need more functionality than a native HubSpot developer tool can support, our technical team can help you develop a full private app, right inside of your portal. This will allow you to leverage all the power of custom developing an application without the limits of HubSpot, but give your HubSpot users the ability to interact with your application right inside of your CRM.


The sky is the limit!
Have an idea but not sure how to execute? Let's find a solution together


Looking for a custom integration?

We can help you integrate HubSpot with other tools in your stack!

The difference between an integration that provides value and solves business problems and one that creates technical debt and complexity comes down to the people building it. Aptitude 8’s technical team can not only write the code you need, but bring deep HubSpot expertise to make sure your integration is built the right way.

Case Studies

CRM Development & Extensibility Success Stories

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Aptitude 8 Helps CH Media Integrate HubSpot with their Churn Strategy and Save Lost Revenue

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