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We pass the vibe check.

Aptitude 8 is a company where smart people solve hard problems.

Who We Are

Core values

Excellence driven by core values


At Aptitude 8, our shared values define a company culture that is unmatched by any other tech organization.

Relentlessly Resourceful

Relentlessly Resourceful


Have Pride in the Work We Do

time is non-renewable

Time is a Non-Renewable Resource

Direct Communication

Direct Communication


Our People are Our Greatest Asset


Knowledge = Growth


FILDI for Two-Way Doors

Solutions Oriented

Solutions Oriented

Calm. Cool. Calculated.

Calm. Cool. Calculated.

New Candidates

Our Hiring Process

A core principle of how Aptitude 8 operates is transparency. We want to ensure you know exactly what you're getting into when interviewing with us. While we consider new hires a "one-way door" and try to assess your abilities and cultural fit as deep as we can with a broad number of stakeholders, we also want to be conscious of the time to interview with us. As a result, we keep our interview process to just 4 steps outlined below.


01 Intro Call

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You will meet with our People Ops team to discuss open roles, learn a bit about us, and for us to learn what type of role we think you're suited for. 

02 Team Lead Call

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You will meet with the team lead for the team you're matched with to discuss more about your skillset and learn about the day to day with that team.

03 Technical Interview

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You will be given an exercise matched to your role and skill level to demonstrate your abilities to a hiring panel.

04 Exec Conversation

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If you've gotten to this stage, we think you're a great fit! Meet with one of our executives to ask questions about the company, the vision, and get a final offer sent through.


Remote Work

Remote Work


Upskilling Opportunities

Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO

CEO Updates

Weekly CEO Updates

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Mental Health Stipend

Health Insurance


Health Insurance

we're hiring

Open Positions

A8 Team

Account Manager

icon - map Remote   icon - job Full Time

Aptitude 8, the leading technical consulting firm in the HubSpot ecosystem, is seeking an Account Manager, to enrich our client relationships and foster long-term success. This role is vital in ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled support and advocacy from onboarding the initial engagement through ongoing project success. 

Ideal candidates will excel in creating meaningful experiences and building relationships, they will possess strong communication and organizational skills, and have a natural talent for identifying and nurturing growth opportunities within client accounts. 


About You

  • Client Champion: Passionate about nurturing client relationships, you are committed to understanding and advocating for client needs, ensuring they are met with enthusiasm and precision.
  • Empathetic Communicator: Your exceptional communication skills enable you to connect with clients genuinely, ensuring they feel supported and valued at every touchpoint.
  • Proactive Problem Solver: With a proactive approach, you anticipate challenges and work collaboratively towards solutions that enhance client satisfaction and success.
  • Strategic Growth Identifier: You have a keen eye for identifying growth and expansion opportunities within client accounts, contributing to their success and our firm's growth.
  • Detail-Oriented Organizer: Your meticulous organizational skills ensure that every client interaction is well-prepared and executed, leading to seamless and positive experiences.


A Normal Day in This Role:

  • Advocating for Client Needs: Act as the primary advocate for the client within our organization, ensuring their needs and expectations are communicated and addressed effectively by our delivery teams. 
  • Creating Positive Experiences: Exceed client expectations through every interaction by transforming routine check-ins into opportunities for engagement, providing insights, and strengthening relationships.
  • Ensuring Smooth Onboarding and Handoffs: Facilitate a welcoming and informative onboarding process for new clients, setting the stage for a supportive and collaborative relationship.
  • Maintaining Regular Communication and Support: Keep clients informed with consistent and meaningful communication, offering updates, insights, and opportunities to reinforce their decision to partner with us.
  • Facilitating and Preparing for Escalations: Anticipate potential challenges and prepare accordingly, organizing resources and coordinating responses to ensure swift and positive resolutions that make customers feel that we are truly on their side. 
  • Identifying Expansion Opportunities: Regularly assess client accounts for growth opportunities, leveraging insights from interactions and feedback to propose value-added services or products that align with their evolving needs.
  • Sales Collaboration: While this role is not directly quota carrying, nor is it responsible for the sales process, you will often collaborate with our sales team to both identify and support new opportunities with our existing customer base.

What Success Looks Like 

Success in this role will be determined by a few key factors: 

  1. Client satisfaction and CSAT scores
  2. Effective resolution of escalations
  3. Net $ retention of customer accounts
  4. Expansion opportunities created within our base


About Us

Aptitude 8 is the most technical partner in the HubSpot Ecosystem. We’re not a marketing agency who struggles to say yes to technical projects, we’re a technical consulting firm focused on helping mid market companies get the most out of HubSpot. Across our services teams, we help our clients deliver wonderful buying experiences. We are on a mission to win HubSpot and capture the $19 Billion HubSpot Ecosystem opportunity.


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A8 Team

Systems Operations Analyst

icon - map Remote   icon - job Full Time

Aptitude 8 is seeking a Systems Operations Specialist to ensure the seamless performance and optimization of our core operational systems including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Make. This mid-level role is designed for those who excel in technical execution, system maintenance, and support, contributing to the operational backbone of our rapidly growing startup. You will be reporting to our VP of Finance and HR Operations, and working alongside other Internal Ops team members to support the broader org.


About You

  • Experienced: 2+ years in Systems Operations, Business Operations, or a related technical role, with hands-on experience in system maintenance and support.
  • Tech-Savvy: Proficiency in Salesforce, Hubspot, and Make, with a keen understanding of operational system integration and optimization.
  • Supportive Collaborator: Strong ability to work as part of a team, providing support to senior members and contributing to cross-departmental projects.
  • Detail-Oriented: Focus on execution and support, with a meticulous approach to managing operational tasks and supporting strategic initiatives.
  • Adaptable & Communicative: Excellent communication skills, capable of effectively collaborating with various departments and adapting to the dynamic needs of the business.


A Normal Day in This Role:

  • System Maintenance & Support: Perform daily maintenance tasks and troubleshoot issues to ensure optimal operation of Salesforce, HubSpot, and Make.
  • Operational Support: Assist in the integration, setup, and ongoing adjustments of our CRM, ERP, and other operational systems, focusing on efficiency and user experience.
  • Project Support: Provide logistical and administrative support to senior team members on strategic projects, including but not limited to data gathering, analysis, and documentation maintenance.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work alongside teams across Sales, HR, and Finance to understand their system needs, contributing to solutions that enhance operational flow and efficiency.
  • Training & Empowerment: Support the training of team members on system functionalities, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed for success.
  • Strategic Project Involvement: Contribute to current strategic projects such as the Service Forecasting Calculator, SFDC Document Flow, Dashboard Updates, and more, offering technical support and execution.


About Us

Aptitude 8 remains a dynamic force in RevOps, WebOps, and Marketing Ops services, with a growing presence in HubSpot's marketplace. As we navigate a significant expansion in size and revenue, our commitment to innovation, operational efficiency, and a culture of collaboration continues to be the cornerstone of our success. Join us on our journey to not just achieve, but exceed our ambitious goals, in an environment that celebrates flexibility, creativity, and growth.

Why Join Aptitude 8?

Becoming a part of Aptitude 8 means joining a community where your growth, ideas, and contributions are valued and nurtured. We offer a remote-first culture, competitive benefits, and an environment where you can truly impact our path to hyper-growth. 


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