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HubSpot for SaaS & Product-Led Growth

Maximize Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Expansion with HubSpot

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Product-Led Growth: Transforming Businesses through Data-Driven Customer Engagement

A CRM like HubSpot is vital for a product-led growth company as it helps track customer interactions, identify key touch-points, and enables personalized communication, targeted messaging and timely follow-ups that can play a crucial role in upgrading customers from free trials to paid accounts.

With a HubSpot, PLG companies can streamline their sales processes, nurture leads, and increase conversions, ultimately driving revenue growth.


Sync Product User Data to HubSpot

Drive your PLG strategy with increased access to activity data

Trial Info

Your app activity data is like a gold mine of information for your Product-Led Growth Strategy. There are a number of ways that you can get this info into HubSpot including: 

  • Track webapp activity with HubSpot's tracking code
  • Track logins with the Form API
  • Integrate product data from a data warehouse
  • Create a custom integration with your product

Build a PLG Data Model

Extend HubSpot's database schema to capture important product data

Using HubSpot's custom objects, you can extend your data model to fit your business needs. For PLG, you could create separate objects for Free Trials and App Accounts.

Populate those custom objects with properties like:

  • Trial start, end, and upgrade dates
  • Account status
  • Product tier
  • Customer feedback
PLG Objects

Convert free trials to full accounts 

Use HubSpot automation to turn trials into loyal, paying customers

Convert Trials - PLG

With your product activity data in HubSpot, you can trigger powerful automation that can help convert free trials into full accounts.

Use workflows to:

  • Create and associate Free Trial object records at signup
  • Set start & end dates and update trial statuses
  • Onboard users to get the most out of their free trial
  • Create and associate App Account object records after upgrade

Meet your SLAs Every Time

Monitor customer support times with an SLA Monitor on a CRM Card

Ensure your Customer Support team responds promptly and meets SLA commitments every time with an SLA Monitor CRM Card. 

This CRM Card:

  • Shows when the request came in
  • Displays how long your team has to complete various follow-up tasks in order to comply with the SLA
  • Has clickable buttons to initiate each task

Enhance Communication on Support Tickets

Create a Slack Channel right on the ticket record

With this CRM Card on your ticket record, you can streamline your customer support process by:

  • Quickly and easily starting a discussion with other parties
  • Collaborating on the support with all of the customer information in front of you
  • Avoiding the back and forth between tools

Sync Product Data to HubSpot with Hightouch

How to Set Up Hightouch <> HubSpot

When you're ready to get your product data inside of HubSpot, you'll need to configure your Hightouch <> HubSpot Integration. 

This includes: 

  • Connecting your data warehouse & defining data mapping
  • Configuring Hightouch <> HubSpot integration
  • Defining your sync frequency & rules

PLG Case Study

UpCity skyrockets Sales Engagement 400% with App Integration & PLG

UpCity is an online marketplace that creates and empowers relationships between businesses and service providers through online reviews, recommendations, and verification.

For this campaign, we tapped into specific CRM data to:

  • Send more personalized messaging
  • Revamp their CTA
  • Better target users based on their location

Interested in learning more? 

Be sure to check out our guide, What is Product-Led Growth? It walks through how PLG works and how you can get started in your CRM! 

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