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HubSpot for Commerce & Payments

Drive revenue through customer retention, faster payments, and net new sales with HubSpot!

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Unleash the Revenue Potential of Integrated Back-Office Commerce Data in HubSpot

Your customer relationship management platform is the go-to data source for your marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

When back-office commerce data, like accounting and payments, is available in the CRM, your go-to-market teams can act on that data. The additional context can fuel their activities and drive revenue through customer retention, faster payments, and net new sales.

Integrate Commerce Data with HubSpot 

How to get your payment and other back-office data into HubSpot

Depending on your business’s maturity and existing commerce systems, there are 3 ways in which you can get payments and other back-office data into HubSpot. 

  • If you are new to digital commerce   HubSpot Payments
  • If you already have a robust financial infrastructure  ERP integration
  • If digital commerce is core to your business  Stripe/Zaybra

Empower your Marketing Team with Commerce Data

Enable full-lifecycle marketing and reporting

Although Marketing primarily operates before a payment is made, there are some interesting use cases for this team.

  • Attribution: Use payment data to report on what marketing activities led to revenue
  • List Segmentation: Segment lists based on purchase history, spending patterns, subscription status, etc. 
  • Trigger Automation: Trigger workflows based on payments, subscription status, time since their last purchase, etc. 

Leverage Commerce Data for Sales Success

Report on, forecast, and motivate sales performance 

Insight into customer purchasing behaviors and patterns, can help sales teams improve strategies and close more deals. A few ways your sales teams can leverage payments data in their CRM include:

  • Account based sales: This data gives you access to purchase history and customer behavior information
  • Rep Motivation: Motivate your team with a leaderboard or allow them to see real-time commission reporting
  • Forecasting: Report on contract end-dates, to set quotas accordingly and achieve company goals.

Elevate Customer Success with Payment Data

Let data drive your customer success strategy 

 With payment data in your CRM, teams can leverage automation to enhance the customer experience and drive growth. A few use cases include:

  • Smooth Onboarding: Automate your onboarding process so that it kicks off as soon as the first payment is made.
  • Relationship Milestones: Use automation to show appreciation when customers reach certain milestones
  • Account Health Automation: Build workflows that recognize when a payment is late and send automated reminders. 

Commerce & Payments Integration Made Easy

Zaybra: The Stripe + HubSpot connection you've been waiting for

hapily's app Zaybra, gives you the integration you have been wishing for, the subscription and billing automation you want and the reporting you need.

With Zaybra, you can: 

  • Map products
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Create payment links
  • View Strip data in HubSpot

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