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Get more out of your marketing with Marketing Operations

Launch more campaigns, faster, with actionable insights

Let your marketing team focus on actual marketing, while we handle process, people, systems, operations, automation, and reporting. Work directly with marketing operations experts to define your customer journey, automate manual processes, report on which activities are driving revenue, and ensure your data is syncing between systems so that you can leverage it effectively.

Need operational support for your marketing team? 

MTE-Case-SstudyGetMTE Case Study

Click to learn how Aptitude 8 helped MTE streamline their processes for a successful new product launch.

What is Marketing Operations?

Marketing Operations (also known as MOps) is the process of managing, streamlining, and optimizing the marketing department's workflow, processes, and technology in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and ROI.

Marketing Operations teams are responsible for ensuring that marketing activities are aligned with business goals, and that marketing activities are executed effectively to drive revenue growth. They work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing processes by automating and optimizing workflow, managing marketing data, and providing analytics and insights to support decision-making.

Areas of Expertise 

Our marketing operations team provides ongoing support so that you can achieve (and measure!) marketing excellence. We focus on four areas of marketing operations that we’ve found maximize impact on business results. But we are also great with anything from new HubSpot Marketing Hub implementations to custom website design and development

01 Customer Journey

Bring your marketing and sales teams into alignment by understanding how your customers progress through the buying process and remove friction by building funnel architecture to automate their journey.

02 Campaign Management

Create a better customer experience by tailoring your marketing campaigns to each individual contact. Your marketing campaigns can save you time and resources, build trust with your audience, and provide you with valuable data.  

icon - content management
Send us the content, we configure, launch, and measure the campaign
icon - systems infrastructure
Automate your email communications with workflows
icon - Service Hub Consultants
Audience Segmentation
Segment your audience using active list logic
icon - ux ui designers
Create programmable emails customized to the recipient
icon - Full Funnel Architects
See how your campaigns are performing with custom reports

03 Attribution & Reporting

Connect your marketing efforts to your bottom line and understand which channels are working and which aren’t. We’ll consult with you on where to double-down and where to pull budget allocation. 

icon - Marketing ops consultant-1
Measure channel performance
Discover what drives lead creation and revenue generation
icon - Solutions Architect
Trust your data
Audit and cleanup your data so that you can believe your reports
icon - webops consulting
Create a data model
to ensure consistency and manage data quality
icon - CRM implementation
Build dashboards
Get an at-a-glace view of your most important reports
icon - segmentation
Drilldown sources
Dig into second and third-level lead and deal sources
icon - HubSpot Developer
Attribute across touchpoints 
Select the best attribution model for your business

04 System Integration

Empower your team with valuable data by syncing HubSpot with your CRM, ERP, or other systems. Whether its webinar software, data enrichment tools, or your direct mail software, with your tech stack integrated, you can knock down data silos, improve cross-functional relationships, and improve your segmentation. 

Set Up 
Set up a two-way sync between your systems
Troubleshoot existing sync errors and missing data
Maintain data parity and avoid duplicates
Build reporting in your "source of truth" system

New to HubSpot?

We can help you implement Marketing Hub the right way the first time. 

How your marketing automation platform is implemented is directly correlated to how effective it will be in helping you achieve your goals. Aptitude 8 is one of the most experienced implementation partners in the HubSpot ecosystem. 

Case Studies

MOps Success Stories

How Aptitude 8 Helped MTE Streamline Their Processes for a Successful New Product Launch

How Aptitude 8 Helped MTE Streamline Their Processes for a Successful New Product Launch

With the help of Aptitude 8, MTE was able to integrate Shopify with HubSpot to communicate with their e-commerce customers and streamline p...

Aptitude 8 Helps CH Media Integrate HubSpot with their Churn Strategy and Save Lost Revenue

Aptitude 8 Helps CH Media Integrate HubSpot with their Churn Strategy and Save Lost Revenue

CH Media wanted to win clients back. Aptitude 8 helped them integrate HubSpot, revamping their churn strategy to save potential lost revenu...

Aptitude 8 Streamlines Real Estate Company’s Marketing with MLS Integration

Aptitude 8 Streamlines Real Estate Company’s Marketing with MLS Integration

A vacation rental management company needed a better way to market to local agents and property owners. Aptitude stepped in to create an in...

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