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HubSpot for Colleges & Universities

Manage higher education operations from contacts to courses, donations and more! 

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HubSpot: The customizable toolkit redefining education's digital frontier

Colleges, universities and other educational institutions have unique business models that don't quite align with HubSpot's standard objects. But, with the platform's versatile suite of tools and features, you can tailor your HubSpot instance for all of your needs. 

HubSpot enables educational institutions to optimize their outreach, streamline communication, and cultivate meaningful relationships with students, instructors, and donors, and more.

Build your Higher Education Data Model 

How to customize your HubSpot instance to suit your institution's specific needs

 HubSpot is easy to customize to fit educational institution's needs.

Create custom objects such as Scholarships, Research Grants and Courses as well as adjust the OOTB Objects to better suit your needs, such as:

  • Contacts    Contact Types (student, instructor, etc.)
  • Companies  Departments
  • Tickets  Counseling Programs
  • Deals  Applications & Donations

Expand the Contact Object to Foster Diverse Relationships

Tailoring the contact record for varied contact types and relationships

 By creating a "contact type" property on the contact object, you can manage various types of contacts.

You can also use conditional sections in your record builder to customize each contact type's record allowing you to view only relevant information for each contact type like:

  • Students: Student ID, major, minor, GPA etc.
  • Instructors: Job Title, office location, Phone number etc.
  • Applicants: Application status, SAT/ACT scores etc.

Manage University Courses with a Course Custom Object

Seamlessly track course enrollments and waitlists

The Course Custom Object can store all course information. With these details in HubSpot, you can track course enrollment and capacity, as well as alert students when a slot opens up!

A few properties you should include on the Course Custom Object are:

  • Course title & code
  • Course type
  • Number of credits
  • Capacity & Enrollment numbers

Track Applications with an Admissions Pipeline

Monitor admissions processes from initial inquiry to enrollment

The default Deal Object can effectively track all admissions information including applicant info as well as tuition revenue.

By utilizing the Deal Object for admissions, you can:

  • Utilize HubSpot forms in the application process
  • Employ workflows to create a deal automatically when an "application" is submitted
  • Capture applicant info on forms to dynamically update the deal record including tuition revenue
  • Automate communications for acceptance, rejection, and waitlist emails during the application process.

Foster Donor Relationships with a Giving Pipeline

Using the deal object to capture and coordinate fundraising efforts

Donations play a significant role in educational institutions. By leveraging the Deal Object, you can establish a streamlined Donation Pipeline, enhancing your fundraising endeavors with the capability to:

  • Trace donations from the Request stage to the Donation Received stage.
  • Automate donation requests and reminders.
  • Employ HubSpot Payments to securely collect and store payment information within HubSpot.

University & Education Institutions Case Study

Check out our work for Palo Alto University

Aptitude 8 helped Palo Alto integrate shopify, Thinkific and HubSpot to achieve systems orchestration bliss. 

As a result of this project, Palo Alto was able to optimize their processes resulting in: 

Enhanced user experience

Increased access to data

Saved time 

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