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Connect HubSpot with Anything in your Stack 

Unify data in your CRM to build your single source of truth

HubSpot is where your prospect, customer, sales, and support data lives. However, modern companies use numerous other tools. Whether it's ERP, Data warehousing, your own application, or any point solution your company uses to power your customer experience, we can help not only get that data into Hubspot, but do it in a way that lets you leverage the functionality of the worlds best CRM to give it super powers. 

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Custom Integration Accreditation (2)

Custom Integration Accreditation 

We have been recognized by HubSpot for our exceptional expertise in building custom and complex integrations with the HubSpot platform. Click the button below to read the case study!

What is a Custom HubSpot Integration? 

HubSpot has a whole marketplace of connected applications. Most modern business apps offer an integration with HubSpot. However, these integrations are often shallow and don’t give thriving businesses everything they need.

Legacy applications, custom applications, and unique workflows are often not supported by out of the box integrations with HubSpot. The good news is that HubSpot has best in class APIs and extensibility support and can be integrated with anything else in your stack with the right expertise. 

Aptitude 8's approach to custom integrations

The Aptitude 8 technical team is composed of Solutions Architects who can help design the right data model for your integration and identify the best places to add extensibility and give you more than just data syncing.

Our full stack HubSpot developers can write custom coded actions, CRM components, CMS modules, and more that both deliver the customized experience you’re seeking to create, and take into account the needs of the non-technical business user administering them. 

Areas of Expertise

Our technical team knows that the reason you want to build on HubSpot is to leverage the power of the out of the box functionality the CRM platform has to offer.

Whenever we integrate other systems we optimize for interoperability - allowing your team to use HubSpot’s features powered by your data instead of being hampered by a custom solution. Our technical team will always work towards scalable solutions that your team can adapt and scale without needing a developer. 

01 IPaaS Configuration

For many businesses, building integrations on a popular IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a great way to get something custom while also still enabling a non-developer to administer and maintain it. Most iPaaS solutions have extensive documentation, partner ecosystems, and can support many modern business applications without needing custom code. 

This can be a great solution for organizations with in-house Ops or IT teams, but without dedicated integration developers. The A8 team will scope, deliver, and document the iPaaS solution we build and hand it off to your team for ongoing maintenance. 

With an IPaaS configuration, you can: 

icon - data pipelines-1

Create records 

Create records in other systems, like ERPs, PM, or Service systems

icon - webops consulting

Query data

Query data from other tools to power contextual automation

icon - CRM implementation-1

Extend integrations

Extend standard integrations with added custom functionality

icon - content management

Power Automation

Power complex workflow automation across multiple tools in the stack 

02 Custom Coded Action Driven Integrations

Unlock the full potential of HubSpot with seamless automation, breaking free from standard workflow actions and limitations. Empower HubSpot to effortlessly exchange data with any system through APIs.

Experience iPaaS level functionality without the need for extra tools, thanks to Operations Hub Pro. Seamlessly combine point-and-click automation solutions with custom-coded actions, enabling non-technical RevOps and Marketing Ops users to create custom automations that leverage the power of both functions.

Custom integration (1)

The possibilities are endless with custom coded actions. You can: 

icon - HubSpot Developer

Create records

Create records in other systems like ERPs, PM or Service systems

icon - digital transformation

Query data

Query data from other tools to power contextual automation

icon - content management-1

Manage records

Create, update, associate, or delete records across multiple tables in HubSpot

icon - marketing attribution

Build apps

Build entire applications, right inside of your CRM

03 Hosted Custom Integrations

Sometimes even solutions built with integration platforms aren’t quite custom enough, or they are prohibitively expensive due to the volume of data being processed.

In these situations, it can call for a custom integration to be built and hosted on Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. Our team can write custom coded integrations, deploy them to your preferred cloud provider, and document them for your team to manage.

Alternatively, we can continue to provide support for these solutions over time and host them in a managed service model. 

04 Data Warehouse Integration

Sophisticated organizations, and most software companies, have a data warehouse as part of their overall data stack. This can be a great place to access things like product usage data, billing information, as well as manage data snapshots over time. The A8 team can help you either integrate data you want to leverage in your CRM with HubSpot, or extract data from HubSpot for storage in your data warehouse. 

05 Integration Advisory

In some circumstances, and often when the integration you want to build is with your own app, external developers are unable to build the solution for you.

This could either be a lack of public APIs, security requirements, or a simple need to maintain the expertise fully in house. I

In this situation, the Aptitude 8 team can advise your team on both how to architect the integration, which APIs to use, and provide support as your team begins to write code. 

API and architecture advisory

Feature level support for maximum HubSpot interoperability 

Developer support and code review 

Want to extend the HubSpot platform beyond just syncing in data from other systems? 

While you may have your data integrated, you may want to do more with your integration than just syncing data. HubSpot offers a wide range of extensibility options that can enable your team to expand what's possible once your data is inside of HubSpot. 

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Integration Success Stories from our Clients

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CH Media reduces churn with Vimeo <> HubSpot integration

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Capacity Interactive automates forecasting with Workday/Hubspot CRM Integration

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iTrip automates marketing outreach with Marketing Hub and MLS integration

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