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HubSpot for Professional Services

Explore how you can customize HubSpot to accelerate delivery, improve customer retention, and accurately track revenue.

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Professional Services IS Client Relationship Management

Professional services companies are unique in that there is frequent direct contact with every customer. That means your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is vital to the success of your business.

A well-implemented, integrated, and optimized CRM can bring efficiency and polish to your services team, and help your marketing and sales teams close more deals.

Luckily, HubSpot is highly customizable, with extensibility features like custom objects, integrations, CRM cards, and an app marketplace. Using these, you can create a CRM that perfectly fits your professional services business model.

Custom Data Model

Accelerate your delivery by creating a custom data model.

Using custom objects, you can create records to store data for various parts of your business model. These records can be associated to one another, added to custom pipelines, and reported upon in dashboards.

As an example, we've created a model that includes:

  • Projects
  • Retainers
  • Delivery Teams
  • Delivery Team Members

Sales-to-Service Handoff

Streamline your sales-to-service handoff by integrating your project management system.

Your delivery team lives in your PM software, which makes it imperative that it talks with your CRM. As soon as a deal is closed, your team should be able to start the onboarding process.

Using the HubSpot <> ClickUp integration, you can:

  • Create client spaces, folders, lists and tasks
  • Use deal info to customize task lists
  • Create automation to send data from ClickUp to HubSpot

Survey Follow-ups

Act on client feedback by automating follow-up to satisfaction survey responses.

HubSpot's Service Hub allows you to regularly monitor customer satisfaction with surveys like NPS. 

By using survey responses to trigger automation, you can:

  • Quickly escalate problems from unhappy customers
  • Nudge neutral responders toward greater satisfaction
  • Turn happy customers into evangelists by getting more testimonials and case studies

Dynamic Quotes

Boost your sales game with dynamic quotes in HubSpot

 Tired of manually creating quote after quote and wasting valuable time?  Discover how you can utilize HubSpot's powerful features to:

  • Automate your quote generation process
  • Use automation to autofill properties for dynamic quoting
  • Save time and resources

Professional Services Case Study

From Spreadsheets to Scalability: Bayard implements HubSpot, increasing efficiency

Bayard is a full service, recruitment marketing agency with about 400 clients across seven offices in the United States.

As a result of moving to HubSpot's full stack, they now have:

  • Higher visibility across their teams
  • Better communication: can share client information and transition clients to new teams more easily
  • The ability to scale across offices in 7 states

More Demos Coming Soon!

We're busy building additional demos for professional services! Here's what is coming soon:

  • Multi-stage revenue recognition

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