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Your Partner for Implementing HubSpot Sales Hub

Rebuild the ship while it's sailing,
and never get wet.

How your CRM platform is implemented is directly correlated to how effective it will be in helping you achieve your goals. Aptitude 8 is one of the most experienced implementation partners in the HubSpot ecosystem. 

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CRM Implementation Accreditation


Aptitude 8 doesn't do out-of-the-box onboarding. We do customized implementations of HubSpot to meet your business needs. See how we implemented HubSpot for Marq in 90 days in this video case study.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Sales Hub

HubSpot's Sales Hub is both a Sales Engagement and customer relationship management platform (CRM) designed to help your business grow. 

HubSpot’s Sales Hub is the single most important piece of technology in your sales team’s stack. When it’s set up correctly and properly maintained, it becomes the rocket fuel to launch your sales team forward and achieve their goals efficiently. 

But, if Sales Hub is set up poorly, it becomes an obstacle that gets between your customers and their best prospects, slowing your team down and losing deals in the process. That is why it is critical that you have an implementation partner, like Aptitude 8, who understands the platform, inside and out, and can help you customize it to fit your specific needs.


Migrating from another platform?
Check out our guides to migrating from Pardot and Marketo.


Onboarding vs. Implementation 

Onboarding is a stock setup of out-of-the-box features and some training for how to use the software.

Implementation involves customizing HubSpot to fit your business. That means creating custom properties, custom objects, sales automation, and more that are specific to how your business operates.

It is the difference between spending months, if not years, customizing a new, unfamiliar system on your own vs. hitting the ground running because an expert already did it for you.


Effective technology starts with implementation. 
80% of marketing and sales professionals that had smooth implementations report that their technology is extremely effective at helping them achieve their goals.


Our Implementation Process 

01 Solutions Design

We start your implementation with a deep discovery and design phase, where we interview key stakeholders within your organization to understand your business and the wants and needs you have for your HubSpot instance. We validate that what you need is possible and let you know what limitations exist and how we can work around them. Then we build a gantt chart showing your project timeline and deliverables. 

02 Account Setup

After Solutions Design, you’ll be equipped with an expert project team who are experienced in a wide variety of migrations and implementations, bringing both knowledge of what you’re trying to build and the technology you’re coming from. They will help you with the initial set up of HubSpot, ensuring that you don’t miss any important settings or features along the way. 

Your account setup includes: 

icon - campaign ops-1
Creating users & teams
Giving everyone the right access and permissions
icon - data pipelines-1
Configuring your sales pipelines
Including stages and required fields
icon - content management
Migrating and auditing sales collateral
For sequences, documents, and quotes
icon - CRM implementation
Calendar and email integrations
For automated activity capture and two-click meeting scheduling 

03 Custom Data Setup/Migration

HubSpot’s default data structure of contacts, companies, and deals is not one-size fits all. Luckily, HubSpot allows us to do so much more. We will ensure that any data that you need to bring over, has a home in HubSpot.

Your data migration could include: 

icon - ux ui design

Custom properties

To keep track of business critical information that doesn't fit in default properties
icon - campaign execution-1

Custom objects

Like orders, shipments, distributors, or any other entity without a standard home
icon - systems integration


To show relationships between objects, and label those relationships
icon - funnel architecture

Funnel stages

To reflect the different stages your customers flow through during the buying process 

Data Dangers!
46% of HubSpot users report that data migration was a top challenge during implementation!


05 Contact, Company, Deal and Activity Migration

Prior to migrating data into your new CRM platform, our team will work with you to audit your existing data model, data integrity, and the field utilization of your current solution to ensure your new system is populated and ready to go. 

We will help you migrate:

icon - Webops consultant


Their fields, relationships, and statuses
icon - job


Complete with type categorization, lifecycle, and relationships
icon - revops audit
Make the cutover without losing a beat, and retain legacy performance data wherever possible.
icon - data pipelines-1


Don't lose context on launch by migrating over historical activities and ensuring you retain your communication history. 

07 Training & Enablement

Ensuring your team knows exactly how your new platform works is crucial for your success. Our team will always make sure to walk you through what we've set up, what you can expect & show you exactly how everything is meant to function. We will help get your team comfortable in their new tool, and equip them to sustain that expertise internally as you continue to grow. 

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