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Case Study

Uber Freight's Acquisition Journey: A double migration from Marketo and Pardot to HubSpot

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Uber Freight and Transplace Unite Systems in HubSpot


The Client


Uber Freight is a logistics and transportation platform that helps connect shippers and carriers, streamlining their supply chain. Uber Freight acquired Transplace and needed to merge their tech stacks. Uber Freight settled on HubSpot as the right marketing automation platform for their company due to its user-friendliness, feature set, and cost. To implement HubSpot, Uber Freight sought a partner that had deep HubSpot experience as well as a track record of successful migrations. They chose Aptitude 8.

The Problem

  • Transplace used Pardot and Uber Freight used Marketo and they wanted a single combined system that was user friendly, but could handle the complexity of their business.

  • Uber Freight’s Marketo platform contained data from other business units, so the Freight data and assets needed to be separated from the rest without breaking their complex automation infrastructure.

  • Adoption: New employees would need to learn systems and processes quickly to get up to speed.
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The Solution

  • Aptitude 8 completed a solutions design and then broke the project into two parts:
    • Transplace migrating from Pardot into HubSpot
    • Uber Freight migrating from Marketo into HubSpot.

  • Due to the volume of assets and data involved in the migrations, Aptitude 8 designed an asset tracker to ensure nothing was missed, changes and workarounds were documented.

  • Aptitude 8 did extensive QA testing to ensure that the automation worked when separated from Uber Freight's larger infrastructure.


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The Outcome

Uber Freight was able to switch over from Marketo to HubSpot on schedule and with no downtime. Their team estimates the job was completed at least 6 months faster than they could have done it themselves. 

While Aptitude 8 handled the migration, the Uber Freight team was able to learn HubSpot and become familiar with their new system.

By choosing HubSpot, Uber Freight was able to achieve faster user onboarding, more efficient rollout of system changes, and significant savings in tech spend. 
Saved $180k a year
This migration to HubSpot saved the Uber Freight team an estimated $180,000 in annual tech spend over their previous tech stack.
6 Month implementation

This project took the Aptitude 8 only 6 months to complete, freeing up the Uber Freight team to learn HubSpot. This saved them 6 months to a year of ramp up time.

1m + assets migrated

Over one million assets, including complex workflows, contacts, companies, landing pages, emails, lists, custom properties, and custom objects were migrated during this project. 

The Tools

Former Tech Stack

Uber Freight Tech Stack Logos

New Tech Stack

logo-hubspot-FC Marketing Hub Sales Hub Operations Hub

What the client is saying...


“We went with Aptitude 8, ultimately, because of their capabilities. Aptitude 8 had done their research and took a huge amount of stress off of me personally. It was ultimately a six-month project that should have really been a year-long project when you're talking about a double migration. Having a partner that we could trust really went a long way in this entire project.”


“Uber Freight needed an enormous amount of complex and intertwined automations and supporting assets brought over from two different systems. Making sure all of those were built, tested, documented, and turned on was a project management challenge as much as a technical one. Could not be more proud of our team for the collaboration and attention to detail that went into completing this project!"

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Emery Kamenicky
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations


Next Steps

We provided the Uber Freight team with comprehensive documentation and multiple training sessions to ensure their team, who was new to HubSpot, had everything they needed to succeed on the platform.

They signed a retainer at the end of the project so that Aptitude 8 could continue to support them as they onboarded their team.


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