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Case Study

Notion launches inbound sales automation and increases open rates by 50%

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Increased Open Rates by 50%

Enhanced Capability

 For Testing

How optimizing sales processes boosted open rate by 50%

The Client

Notion is a SaaS collaboration platform that integrates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases. The company is an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, knowledge and data management.

The Problem

  • Notion  worked with us to implement their instance, but needed help getting the team up and running.
  • They had little bandwidth to set up initial workflows, automation & testing.
  • They needed to move quickly.
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    Limited Control

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    Limited Control

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    Limited Control

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The Solution

  • The project started by focusing on 3 important segments of Notion's audience.
  • Copy was written with Notion's branding, voice, and marketing collateral as a guideline.
  • Salesforce data was used to create automation triggers for Outreach sequences.
  • 3 rounds of testing and optimization were conducted.
  • Insights and learnings were shared with the Notion team after each round of optimization,  enabling a constant iteration on the content being sent.
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The Outcome

Not only did Notion see open rates skyrocket to over 50%, but they were also able to effectively test sales messaging for the first time as an organization. This contributed to new changes and an improvement in both segmentation and lead scoring.
Increased Open Rates by 50%
New process increased open rates to over 50%.
Enhanced Capability for Testing
Provided them with the capacity to test sales messaging, resulting in enhancements in both segmentation and lead scoring

The Tools

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Why Aptitude 8?
“Working with the Aptitude 8 team was nothing short of fantastic. Their professionalism, availability, and responsiveness was top notch! We are so thankful for their support in helping our company kick off our first few rounds of Outreach sequences for our new and growing sales team!”

Brittany Papenhause - Head of Sales

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