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Case Study

Marq saves $77k a year by switching from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM in 90 days

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Reduced Software Costs


Saved Annually

90 Day

Timeline for Migration


Marq adjusted their tech stack and cut software costs in half


The Client


Marq is the brand enablement platform that gives organizations the ability to deliver relevant content to your audience, faster by empowering everyone in your organization to build on-brand content. Marq is used by over 6 million professionals and 800+ companies across all industries. Learn more at

The Problem

  • The team was having to bend their business to align with their tech stack in order to meet their needs instead of the latter.  
  • Did not have the ability to integrate product data with sales, marketing, and service data.
  • 90 days to decide on and stand up tech stack of their own.


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The Solution

  • Implemented the full HubSpot CRM Platform
  • Integrate its product database with sales and marketing using HubSpot CRM’s custom behavioral events (CBEs)
  • Utilized HubSpot CRM custom objects to create a subscription object populated directly from the Snowflake product database using Hightouch.
  • leveraged a custom-coded action to extend the native HubSpot quote approval functionality so Marq could manage multiple approvers and teams.


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The Outcome

With the assistance of Aptitude 8, Marq was able to consolidate sales, marketing, service, and operations, by its 90-day deadline. It’s also in the process of rolling out CBEs to integrate product data with sales and marketing.

David estimates that Marq has reduced its technology costs by 50% when compared to its Frankensteined tech stack of Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Workato, and other tools. Marq is saving $77,000 on annual license fees alone, not to mention the costs associated with administering those tools.

Further, the sales team is working deals faster, and department heads are self-serving when changes are needed.Consequently, all the teams are working more efficiently—saving everyone a lot of time.

Reduced Costs
Reduced their technology costs by 50%
Saved $77,000

Marq saved $77,000 on annual license fees alone by migrating to HubSpot.

7+ Tech Stack to 1
Consolidated a 7+ tech stack to 1

The Tools

Former Tech Stack

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New Tech Stack

logo-hubspot-FC CMS Hub Operations Hub Sales Hub Marketing Hub Service Hub

What the client is saying...


“A big part of why I chose A8 is because they understood the systems we were in. Especially Salesforce, and could give us what felt like an unbiased opinion on which path we should take. They were able to understand some of our concerns with functionality and show us how we could accomplish our goals in HubSpot. They also had creative ideas to integrate with our product that didn't require A8 to build a custom integration that A8 would charge us for year over year.”


“My favorite part about this project was that it was complex. The Marq team is composed of highly experienced and highly technically competent folks, everything in their stack had intention behind it and the Marq team knew it inside and out so migrating from this proved to be very difficult. It’s why our approach was Marq-first”

David Askvig
Director of Revenue Systems at Marq


Next Steps

The Marq team wanted something that they could manage themselves after working with Aptitude 8 so we really focused on building a well-oiled engine that was going to be easy to maintain in the long run.


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