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Case Study

This WebOps Adjustment Increased Paper's Lead-Gen Conversion Rate By 15%

To reach its broad audience and increase its conversion rate, Paper had to find a solid user-experience strategy.

The Client


Paper is an online tutoring SaaS company that partners with US school districts to provide unlimited access to trained tutors at no cost to students, families, or teachers. Their SaaS platform boasts unlimited, on-demand, one-to-one academic support and tutoring across 200+ subjects, 24/7.

The Problem

Paper had enough marketing content to cater to multiple different personas, including teachers, superintendents, and school district bodies. This content included multiple resources pages containing helpful information for each of the brand’s specific personas.

However, only 5% of their resource page viewers were converting into interested leads. Paper neededto increase its conversion rate, but the team wasn’t sure what factors were contributing to their low rates in the first place.

The problem was not so much in the content they were delivering,  but how they were delivering it. Upon investigation, Aptitude 8 found that Paper needed a complete restructure of how their resources module was set up to optimize the end-user experience.

For example, the best content to nurture a school district representative is very different from the content needed to nurture a single school teacher. When browsing Paper's all-in-one resource module, it was not quite clear to the end user which content was designed for them and which modules would best answer their questions.

  • Low Conversion Rate

  • Lack of Personalized Content

  • Poor User Experience

The Solution


Aptitude 8 began Paper’s WebOps project by getting a better understanding of all of the company’s target personas. From there, our team developed a comprehensive strategy to categorize Paper’s content. The new approach would not only allow for an optimal user experience while navigating the website, but also improve the back-end experience for the teams collecting, navigating, and reporting on user and lead data.

The first step in implementation was to create wireframes to demonstrate and map out the end-user experience. Coming up with internal reporting solutions was also a very crucial aspect of our deliberation.

Paper originally intended to use HubDB, a HubSpot developer tool that operates similarly to a spreadsheet. However, we convinced them to use HubSpot’s Custom Objects because they could make their processes simpler and more scalable, especially as their data expands in the future. Custom Objects would also allow Paper to collect data using contact records, which was essential for the proper set-up of the entire WebOps project.

Finally, using Custom Objects was crucial in the development of a new dynamic resource module that would display specific content to end-users based on their personas. The module also needed to collect data from their prior interactions, so it could be added to their contact files.

The entire project took just three months to complete.

The Outcome

After implementing the new wireframes, content map, and resource module, Paper’s conversion rate shot up to 20%, an increase of 15% since implementation. This represented a significant boost in lead gen for the organization and demonstrated the effectiveness of their content.

Furthermore, Paper now has a highly functionable resource module that they can add to as they please without worrying about overwhelming complexity or misalignment. They can also collect and manage user data much more easily, enabling them to scale this aspect of their marketing program as much as they need.

Why Aptitude 8?

Companies turn to Aptitude 8 because we can offer bespoke HubSpot solutions that resolve their most pressing marketing challenges. However, they also choose us because of our ability to serve as long-term partners on many different types of technology initiatives.

Paper has been a long-time partner of Aptitude 8. We helped them build their website, optimize their content for SEO, and implement powerful forms of automation.

If you’re in search of a partner to help you get the most out of HubSpot and your other marketing technologies, contact us today to learn about our capabilities.

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