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Generating Quick Demand for Property Managers

Livly leverages Aptitude 8’s HubSpot prowess to build, launch, and measure integrated marketing campaigns.


Livly offers apartment technology that property managers use to simplify tasks and elevate resident experiences. Their mobile app makes resident life easier and apartment communities more engaging. It’s a low cost technology that offers a fully integrated experience and it works with all property management software (PMS) to provide a best-in-class, unified, digital experience.

The Problem

Livly’s app is the kind of software that speaks for itself and even sells itself. But because of that, the investment into marketing was limited, making it impossible for their team of 1 to both strategize a campaign and execute against all of the many components that make up an email campaign. To make matters more problematic, their send list for the upcoming prospecting campaign needed some serious deep cleaning. Property managers have a unique way of using email addresses and email inboxes in that, more times than not, the address and inbox are shared among at least a handful of different people. This made the audience building part of the campaign tricky.

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The Solution

When dealing with anything marketing related, the first step is always the audience. At Aptitude 8 we never jump to design, content, or other areas without first fully understanding the audience, so that’s exactly where we started. We cleaned up the list, which was on a spreadsheet, by removing duplicates, separating merged fields, and validating the emails. We then analyzed it and derived messaging and offers that aligned perfectly with the audience. We then determined the messaging cadence and channels, and got to work on design and development. Our design team created each of the templates and then our team of HubSpot developers turned the designs into flexible and easy to use/re-use templates. Finally, we created a strategic workflow for the campaign that moved contacts out when the desired action was taken, and sent more communication to other contacts.

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The Outcome

We launched the campaign across the channels of email, organic social, paid social, and phones and got to measuring the results right away. Thanks to the audience and content strategy on the front-end, the content and messaging was relevant and compelling to the audience. Because of that, the campaign overperformed and exceeded expectations!

The Tools


Why Aptitude 8?

Livly chose A8 because we are uniquely positioned to manage full marketing campaigns from soup to nuts, including strategy, list cleansing, design, front-end development, marketing operations, KPI management, messaging, and much more. Livly recognized that marketing campaigns aren’t a simple, siloed task; rather, they are highly complex projects that require a variety of different resources and tools. So A8 was the perfect choice for them!

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