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Case Study

Taking Control of Demand Gen...and the Marketing Website

eLearning innovator, BenchPrep, had big goals for demand generation but limited control of their marketing site. Enter A8.


The Client


BenchPrep is a modern elearning technology who excels at providing personalized learning experiences for high stakes, high impact professional learning. They address the challenges around professional learning by delivering in-depth learning experiences.

Their platform, leveraged by some of the largest learning and accrediting institutions, increases operating revenue and reduces expenses by enabling learning organizations to support multiple business models and streamline the delivery of online courses.

By creating a personalized experience that improves knowledge retention and drives better outcomes, BenchPrep Ascend amplifies the value of your learning program in a highly competitive market.its customers manage reservations, bookings, key access, and other logistics needs, such as cleaning and supplies.

The Problem

BenchPrep had big demand generation goals for the upcoming year, so they knew they needed a solution and a plan in place long before January 1. The situation was tricky given that their product site and marketing site were connected, and to make matters more complex, they had a robust digital advertising presence and a wide assortment of tags and analytics tracking data on the backend of their site.

To further compound the problem, their site just wasn’t designed with a marketing funnel to inform the user journey on the site. A B2B website should educate and inform visitors and then offer a seamless way for the visitor to get in touch with the company. And while BenchPrep’s site was certainly educating, it didn’t offer a seamless way for visitors to get in touch and set up a demo of their product.

And the worst part of all, is that there was not much they could do about it, as the site lived with their product team so if they needed a change, they were at the mercy of another team who had to code and engineer even small changes.

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    Limited Control

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    Site Note Optimized for Demand Gen

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    Limited Tracking

The Solution


Aptitude 8 successfully decoupled the BenchPrep marketing site from the product site so that marketing analytics and visitor data weren’t being skewed by product data. We seamlessly transferred the site ownership to the marketing team by hosting the site on an easy-to-use CMS.

This was a major win for their product team as it removed the responsibility of having to own and manage a marketing site. Finally, we overhauled the design, functionality, and true purpose of the site by creating strategic user journeys that push visitors down paths to education and conversion.

This is an area where Aptitude 8’s expertise was critical because we know that a B2B website is the heartbeat of marketing, automation, sales handoffs, and capturing actionable data. We connected everything from advertising, to conversion pixels, forms and everything in between resulting in a beautiful, high converting, and integrated website.

The Outcome

BenchPrep’s marketing team is now armed with a website optimized for demand generation that they can manage and operate without having to put in a ticket with another department. Full control and full funnels!

Why Aptitude 8?

They had been working with Aptitude 8 for a couple of years focusing on marketing operations, campaign execution, and systems architecture/implementation, so they turned to their trusted partner for help with this complex problem.

Aptitude 8 prides ourselves on our web design and development work, but the reason that we were the perfect fit for this work is because of how technical and holistic our offering is.

We don’t just make things look beautiful, we make things function across all systems beautifully and seamlessly. We also have a talented team of digital marketers and web experts who were able to guide BenchPrep down all the right paths with regards to the domain analytics and hosting.

The Tools


What the client says...

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