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Case Study

Sales Personalization at Scale with Brideside

Aptitude 8 scales sales and customer communication for an innovative D2C brand in the bridal space.


The Client


Brideside is an all-channel bridal shopping concierge service where the peace of mind and happiness of customers is the highest mission. Some see them as a fashion brand, some say they are a technology or retail company, but at their core they are a team that is fully dedicated to customer service. Jackie Coleman had just come on as the first Product focused hire aside from Brideside’s founder, and optimizing the customer experience was her primary focus in her first 90 daysal channels. The client also helps its customers manage reservations, bookings, key access, and other logistics needs, such as cleaning and supplies.

The Problem

Brideside was quickly growing and adding stylists at an accelerated rate. While their stylists strove for personalized communication, it was delivered via manual texting directly from cell phones, emailing from Gmail, and making calls through desktop phones.

As a result, communication couldn't be consistently tracked or measured, leaving managers in the dark about the effectiveness of their team, and handoffs between individuals clunky. The Brideside CRM had a wealth of data about a customer and their history with the brand, but this data wasn't being leveraged to deliver personalized communication.

  • Manual Tasks Created Inefficiencies

  • Too Much Data to Manage

  • Impersonal Communication Not Relevant

The Solution


We implemented GetFeedback during customer account signup, capturing key details about the bride's upcoming wedding and their preferences. We then integrated GetFeedback into Salesforce and wrote a series of Salesforce Formulas and triggers to reformat the survey data into consumable text. The bride would answer "when is your wedding?" with 4/15/2020, and using Salesforce Formulas we could rewrite this data as "Next Spring." We could then concatenate that data with their responses on color preferences to create dynamic sentences like "The best Green dresses for Spring Weddings next year."

Next, we implemented, and synced this data into Outreach to automatically generate emails and text messages that were personalized to the bride and delivered during the signup process. Outreach also synced back all calls, emails, and text messages back to salesforce.

The Outcome

Brideside was able to increase their engagement with brides, getting higher response rates to all of their touchpoints. All engagement was tracked in their CRM, giving managers the ability to ensure nothing slipped through the cracks, and providing powerful reporting back to the leadership team on their sales effectiveness. Best of all, all brides got tailored communication customized to the information they had already provided the brand, increasing their love for Brideside.

Why Aptitude 8?

Brideside chose us because they needed a partner who had vast experience in areas beyond just sales or customer service. Before turning to us, Jackie was unsure how she would implement her bold vision for the future of customer communication for the brand. Her mission was bigger than just sales, and extended across sales, marketing, and account management. The interconnectedness of those business functions is the reason that we were founded and remains one of our many unique differentiators.

The Tools


What the client says...

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