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Case Study


Launching a New Product in the US with Aptitude 8.



The Client


PechaKucha was founded 20 years ago as an events business for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public with a specific presentation format of 20 images with 20 seconds for each one. As the format grew into a business the company saw an opportunity to expand into digital tools packages around their unique presentation style. PechaKucha built their own storytelling platform and was ready to commercialize it but needed help launching in the US market with this new offering.

The Problem

With a US launch on the horizon, PechaKucha knew that entering a new market meant building a go-to-market strategy, understanding US buying trends and digital behaviors, and creating a relevant marketing user experience from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom. To do this though, requires serious automation, data, software, digital footprint tracking, reporting, design and much more. And therein lies PechaKucha’s problem: entering a new market, especially one as big as the US, would take digital strategy and tactical execution that exceeded the resources PechaKucha had at its disposal. 

  • CRM Integration

  • Sales & Marketing Analytics

  • Pride@2x

    Custom Stripe Integration

The Solution

Our Strategy, CRM, and Website Design/Dev practices sprung into action to re-architect PechaKucha’s existing lead journey for the US Market, implement HubSpot CRM, and create stunning new web pages built in HubSpot with integrated checkout powered by Stripe. 

The Outcome

Today, PechaKucha has a lead journey they can measure and iterate on thanks to the implementation of HubSpot CRM with clear funnel steps and a path to iterate towards success.

With HubSpot’s Marketing Professional plan, PechaKucha has crafted drip campaigns to get marketing qualified leads ready to buy. On the other side of the coin, HubSpot Sales Professional plan allows them to scale their sales outreach by visualizing their pipeline, automating emails, calls, and tasks for their sales team to convert opportunities.

PechaKucha now benefits from a self-service pricing page that makes it possible for users to convert to customers on their website in a matter of seconds. This page is built on top of Hubspot and has a custom integration with Stripe, allowing them to not only sync transactions back into Hubspot, but also retarget prospects based on their on page behavior.

Why Aptitude 8?

PechaKucha knew that they needed not only the strategy to expand this new service line, but the technical acumen to help ensure their business processes and technology were aligned with the go-to-market strategy they would commit to. Aptitude 8 was an obvious choice bringing the combination of consulting-led strategy and software platform-driven solution design together to help PK execute on their vision without the need to hire seasoned executives or coordinate across multiple agencies and firms to get the job done. 

The Tools


What the client says...

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