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Case Study

Launching a Sales Tech Stack for the First Time at a Scaling Tech Startup

Relay Payments teamed up with us to implement to help manage their growing sales team and create a reporting infrastructure to help them scale with Salesforce.


The Client


Relay is an end to end payment network proving a new payment option for the logistics industry.

The Problem

Relay Payments knew they needed a better sales process before they started to build out their sales team. As an early stage startup, the team needed a strong foundation and reliable tech stack to show with data what works and why in getting new deals closed. They also knew that managing new sales reps before having the right infrastructure wouldn’t set them up for success, but didn’t have the time or expertise to implement a new sales process while also running the business.

  • Small Team

  • Outbound Sales

  • Reporting

The Solution


Needing to start from scratch, we partnered with Relay to bring their sales vision to life. Kicking off, we worked to understand the needs and goals of the team. This included integration with Salesforce, building sequences, lead stages & cycles, and sales automation. One of the crucial needs of the team was reporting in Salesforce. Because they are such an early startup, the stakeholders needed to know if their efforts were working in order to make quick decisions, determine the success of sales efforts, and plan for future growth.  

The Outcome

As a small startup where everybody sells, the team was finally able to leverage a process that yielded results with measurable outcomes. Using Outreach and the Salesforce dashboards we put in place, they can see how each action they took directly contributed to deals closed. By implementing Aircall, we also gave them the tools necessary to handle and report on inbound phone calls. As a small team that is responsible for more than selling, these processes were critical. The team is now actively bringing on jr. sales hires, confident in the ability to manage and scale the sales team on solid infrastructure.

Why Aptitude 8?

Relay Payments chose to work with Aptitude 8 because we not only had the technical expertise to implement their sales stack, but also brought our strategic insight to bear with our Sales Engagement Practice. A8’s unique ability to contribute to the larger discussion on how things should work, while also helping get the right data model in place for growth made us the obvious choice for Relay over another Outreach or SFDC exclusive provider.

The Tools


What the client says...

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