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How UpCity increased sales engagement by 400% with automated personalization

We partnered with UpCity to leverage CRM data to increase the relevance of prospect communication to increase sales engagement.


UpCity is an online marketplace that creates and empowers relationships between businesses and service providers through online reviews, recommendations, and verification. They are dedicated to helping their partners in their marketplace grow their businesses by providing support and help to build their online recommendability, and help SMBs navigate the web of service providers they could work with to grow their business.

The Problem

UpCity was getting low engagement from sales communication, and while they were able to continuously feed the hopper for sales to create new prospects, the team was hesitant to go back to prospects they already worked with the same communication. Sending people to book a demo was too strong of a CTA, and while meetings that were booked converted, the volume of meetings was too low

  • low-prospect-engagement

    Low Prospect Engagement

  • generic-sales-communication

    Generic Sales Communication

  • not-enough-meetings

    Not Enought Meetings Booked

The Solution

For this campaign we tapped into data in UpCity’s CRM, such as the UpCity Rating and location data to send targeted messaging that was personalized. Additionally, the "walk through your profile" CTA uses a unique URL parameter to dynamically merge in the sender URL based on the right rep syncing in from SFDC, ensuring a personalized experience when the prospect hits the landing page. We also launched tests merging in URL parameters to take the user to targeted pages based on their location such as the specific list for their market like:
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The Outcome

UpCity was able to dramatically increase their sales performance, seeing an increase in new pipeline generation of 23%, and a 400% increase in sales email click rate.

The Tools


Why Aptitude 8?

Dan Olson, CEO at UpCity, turned to Aptitude 8 because of our proven experience working with Salesforce, scaling sales orgs, and our reputation as an implementation partner. He knew that automation and data would be the source of the solution, but did not have the internal technical expertise to execute on his vision without detracting from other core business initiatives. We pride ourselves on working through solutions like these, that span across multiple tools to deliver innovative prospect experiences.

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