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Case Study

How PartsTech Consolidated Systems and Increased Sales Efficiency

Aptitude 8 led a systems architecture initiative that replaced an outdated CRM that no longer made sense for the business, resulting in hundreds of hours of time saved and the complete elimination of data transfer errors.


The Client


PartsTech is an auto parts search engine and ordering system designed to help users find the right parts for the job in a single search, across all of their suppliers. The Boston based automotive e-commerce technology company was in rapid growth mode when they came to Aptitude 8 for help to scale their business.

The Problem

Partstech had integrated their backend into Oro CRM, but it wasn't supporting them as they scaled. Their users regularly had to flip between Oro, Zendesk, and their own PartsTech backend to access the functionality and data they required for their day to day work, leading to inefficiency and frustration.

Additionally, the Oro CRM was only built for managing new signups, forcing their support process to be managed out of spreadsheets and manually updated from multiple systems. The PartsTech tech and product team was maintaining their integration with Oro on the PartsTech side, pulling their focus away from product development that was focused on their users.

  • CRM Didn’t Meet Needs

  • Manual Tasks Created Inefficiencies

  • Too Many Tools to Manage

The Solution


We implemented Salesforce, building a custom integration between SFDC and the PartsTech backend. Partstech data syncs to Salesforce in real time, giving business users access in 1 system. We also integrated Zendesk into Salesforce, providing a 1 stop shop for all PartsTech data and process needs. Leveraging salesforce Lightning and custom components, we were able to make Salesforce the "admin panel" of PartsTech, removing the need for business users to log into the admin tools within PartsTech itself. Most importantly, we were able to take on 90% of the actual development work, connecting to PartsTech from the SFDC side of the integration, freeing up the PartsTech product team for their critical user stories.

The Outcome

PartsTech business users are now able to login to a single system to get a view of the universe. All systems that store data about customers and prospects are integrated, removing manual update steps as well as eliminating potential errors due to data failing to be transferred correctly.

The team is able to make better strategic decisions leveraging data and dashboards that summarize relationships across the entire business.

Why Aptitude 8?

PartsTech CEO Erik was looking for someone who could do more than just migrate and integrate systems; they needed a partner who had been in his shoes and came out on top. Erik knew that their product team was spending too much time maintaining internal business systems, and wanted to focus them on the product as much as possible.

Our team is made up of seasoned industry practitioners who have been in this situation before and have solved the problem every time. Additionally, there was no learning curve for us with any of the tools PartsTech was using, which was a major contributing factor to them choosing us.

The Tools


What the client says...

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