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Case Study

How Aptitude 8 Helped FloQast Host Their First Ever Virtual Event

Floqast’s annual user conference, Take Control, goes virtual and goes BIG.

The Client


FloQast is the leading provider of accounting workflow automation created by accountants for accountants to work smarter, not harder. By automating common accounting workflows and helping to streamline and make them more efficient, FloQast is the place where accounting teams want to work so they can focus on what matters most, even when that’s just going home on time.

The Problem

Covid-19 is where the problem really began, because, like every company across every industry, in-person events were not an option in 2020. Floqast’s large annual user conference was scheduled for September, and for the first time ever, it would be virtual without much notice. To make things more interesting, the event was 2.5 months out and the company had just started a migration from Pardot to HubSpot (also managed by A8). The challenges were going to be: getting users to register, ensuring attendees are engaged throughout, and perhaps most importantly - the post-event content and experience had to be seamless and effortless for users so that we could capture additional engagement and extra leads. The obstacles working against us were: the marketing automation migration, the complexities of running a 2-day 16+ session virtual event for the first time, and the most tricky of all was a limitation of their webinar platform that forced on-demand registrants to go through a ‘waiting room’ page; which is an unnecessary step that made the on-demand experience less than ideal.

  • Solutions@2x

    Limitations of Webinar Platform

  • Impact@2x

    First Time VIRTUAL User Conference

  • Time@2x

    Limited Time

The Solution


The solutions were just as tricky as the problems, but Aptitude 8’s team of RevOps and Demand Generation consultants and strategists rose to the occasion. One of the biggest solutions was creating an environment and a community around the virtual event so that it could feel as ‘real’ as possible. We designed and developed a day-of arena inside the Hubspot CMS where users could chat in a dedicated Slack channel, access live/on-demand sessions, review the agenda, the speakers, and learn more about the event itself. Because the page was custom developed with a handy left-hand navigation for the day-of arena and limited heavy editing, we leveraged HubSpot CTAs so that we could update the live → on-demand links directly in the HubSpot CTAs feature, rather than having to edit the code of the page template. Communication was very much an integral component, so a robust email marketing and outreach campaign were built into the plan and executed upon. 

The other big obstacle with this event was that the FloQast team wanted to provide a seamless user experience that wasn’t possible with the native ON24 integration. The standard integration allows for a form to be filled out, a user to receive a registration confirmation, and then click through that email to get to the event. FloQast wanted users to be able to enter multiple webinars at a time and have a “home base” on the main page to click into webinars without needing to wait for an email confirmation. 

To bypass the ‘waiting room’ we had to create a custom snippet of javascript that pulled data from the access form to populate a unique URL with the user’s email address, event key, and event ID which lands the user directly into the on-demand session, fully bypassing the waiting room. We then built this javascript into a Hubspot CMS Module, prompting the user to simply enter a form ID and the ON24 event ID during page configuration. 

With this new flow, users could fill out a form just once to get to the main event page, and then navigate into any of the ON24 webinars. Using our custom ON24 integration, users would bypass the waiting room and the standard ON24 integration will push back analytics on which webinars users attended and watched, providing a seamless experience that also delivers the marketing analytics data the FloQast team needs to power future campaigns.

The Outcome

Floqast’s first-ever virtual user conference went off without a hitch! We drove high attendance, provided an effortless registration & on-demand experience, created new contacts, influenced thousands more, created opportunities, closed deals, drove in revenue, and created robust dashboards to track and measure the following:

  • 1,370 registrants
  • 35% registration conversion rate
  • 201 on-demand registrants
  • 35% conversion rate on on-demand
  • 2,479 sessions
  • 5,480 influenced contacts
  • 75 closed deals
  • $168,395.20 of revenue

Why Aptitude 8?

FloQast chose Aptitude 8 for the job, because we were already migrating them from their current Pardot instance over to HubSpot. They knew our team has a high acumen when it comes to both custom and advanced builds using the HubSpot platform. 

The FloQast team was also able to leverage both our technical and creative teams for this project, without having to sign multiple SOWs or managing multiple agencies to deliver the experience they wanted.

The Tools


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