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Case Study

Digital Transformation: From Paper Products to SaaS with Wonderlic

Helping modernize a company with nearly 100 years of process and technological debt. 


The Client


Many people know the Wonderlic test for its fame in usage with the NFL, or having taken it in University. What most are unaware of is the shift the near 100 year old brand has made over the last 10 years to be a technology first company, launching an SMB focused SaaS tool to bring their famed competency test to HR teams everywhere helping them make better hiring decisions.

The Problem

Wonderlic had made amazing strides with new product offerings and free trial based SaaS, and found real product market fit in a new channel with Wonscore. Their struggle was meeting this opportunity with the right tools and technology to empower them to scale and shift their business to this new model. Their internal technology was suited for managing their paper test products, the shipping and enterprise nature of this product had heavy ERP requirements and a toolset that was holding back the Wonscore sales and marketing teams.

  • Legacy Tech Stack

  • Pride@2x

    New Product Launch

  • ERP and CRM Integration

The Solution


Aptitude 8 recommended Salesforce to build the new Wonscore business process on, integrating both for sales automation and Marketo for nurturing, reengaging, and generating new opportunities for the sales team to pursue. Aptitude 8 also leveraged Dataloader to integrate Netsuite and Salesforce, syncing in critical data from the ERP system about customer order history, billing information, and last order date. Since Netsuite was already integrated into the WonScore product, the A8 team was also able to use the Mulesoft connector to sync data from Netsuite about product usage, equipping the sales team with critical information about active free trials such as modules used, last login date, free trial expiration date, and if they had started a hiring process. Since A8 was able to work all with existing tech tools Wonderlic had, almost no work was required from Wonderlic’s tech team, keeping product development on track and minimizing the technical lift for ongoing maintenance.

The Outcome

The Wonderlic team was able to scale the Wonscore initiative both growing top line revenues, the sales team, and building out a demand gen team focused on using Marketo and Outreach to drive revenue for the business. Their sales team was able to focus on upmarket deals by leveraging the sales automation tools to automate their smaller deals, and hand off more transactional sales to marketing via Marketo. Wonderlic is now able to focus on gaining market share with Wonscore instead of building workarounds for their internal team to make due with a tech stack that was never built for them. 

Why Aptitude 8?

The Wonderlic team knew they needed not only expertise with Salesforce to get the job done but also a strong proficiency with integrations, modernization, and the marketing tech stack. Aptitude 8’s hybrid of deep tech focus and demand generation strategy made them a natural fit for the project. 


What the client says...

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