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Case Study

UpCity integrates product and finance data with CRM to automate prospecting, doubling MQLs

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Reduced time spent on manual processes

Increased Visibility


UpCity's CRM integration boosts prospecting and MQLs

The Client

UpCity is an online marketplace that creates and empowers relationships between businesses and service providers through online reviews, recommendations, and verification. They are dedicated to helping their partners in their marketplace grow their businesses by providing support and help to build their online recommendability, and help SMBs navigate the web of service providers they could work with to grow their business.

The Problem

  • The team noticed dropping sales effectiveness.
  • They had an abundance of data making data management a hassle.
  • Their communication was impersonal and not always relevant to their customers.  
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The Solution

  •  Aptitude 8 built a custom ledger object in Salesforce, storing all data about a customer's relationship with UpCity.
  • They integrated this new custom object with their opportunity process within Salesforce and linked accounts to give them a single source of truth. 
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The Outcome

This project enabled UpCity to track what products a customer was activated for, and in combination with product usage data, UpCity could trigger automated sales activities towards customers and freemium users to drive upsell and cross-sell. UpCity was also able to track the entire customer journey from first touch through to end sale, giving them more accurate representation of their marketing performance and impact on revenue.
Saved time
The team was able to save countless hours in manual work by implementing automation.
Increased Visibility
The team was able to track the entire customer journey from first touch through end sales. 

Increased Reportability
With more insight into their data, they were able to have a more accurate representation of their marketing performance on their revenue. 

The Tools

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Why Aptitude 8?
UpCity chose us because they needed a partner who had vast experience in areas beyond just sales or customer service. Before turning to us, UpCity was stuck producing exports from the product and had difficulty connecting this data to the relationship information locked in the CRM. UpCity knew they needed a partner who not only could bring technical Salesforce skills to bear, but that could help look at their internal stack as a product designed to drive outcomes for their sales and marketing teams.

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