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Case Study

SXSW cuts costs & streamlines processes with migration to HubSpot Sales Hub

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Increased awareness

Reduced manual processes, saving time

Increased visibility
How SXSW cut costs and turbocharged their processes for greater efficiency
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The Client


South by Southwest, abbreviated as SXSW and colloquially referred to as South By, is an annual conglomeration of parallel film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences organized jointly that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas.

The Problem

  • The team was outgrowing their CRM and looking to improve their sales process documentation.
  • The team wanted to standardize their sales process utilizing more features and automating processes to reduce time spent on manual processes. 
  • They had visibility concerns and wanted to improve their reporting on sales deals.
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The Solution

  • Migrated all SugarCRM data (contacts, companies, opportunities, quotes) to Hubspot CRM via exports + imports and data clean up.
  • Created custom properties to improve SugarCRM setup.
  • Built Playbooks to improve data collection during Deal process.
  • Built approval workflows as a workaround to not having Enterprise official approval feature to facilitate updates to quotes over time and redline process.
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The Outcome

As a result of this project, SXSW was able to standardize their sales processes. They defined their stages, properties, and requirements for each step of the sales process.

They now have access to more data that they can utilize in future marketing and sales campaigns. They also saved time with automation and increased their visibility across teams.  

Increased Visibility 
Broke down silos between sales and marketing by migrating to HubSpot Sales Hub giving the team more visibility into their data. 
Increased Awareness
Utilizing Required fields and Playbook information resulted in an increase in customer data available in the CRM to be used in future marketing and sales campaigns. 
Reduced Time
Reduced manual processes through automation saving the team hours weekly. 

The Tools

Former Tech Stack

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New Tech Stack

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What the client is saying...


“Migrating from SugarCRM to Hubspot was a large endeavor for SXSW, but Aptitude 8 helped us navigate the complexities and helped guide the way with expert technical support and execution."


“The most challenging and interesting piece of this build was the cyclical component -  SXSW is an annual event with many returning customers which means we had to think outside of the box when devising the strategy for their systems. One of my favorite parts of the work we do at A8 is learning new industries and customizing our best practices to fit their specific needs. In SXSW’s case, we tailored all automation and their data structure to support their recurring event, and to provide scalability for years to come. "

Brittani Mathis
Brittani Mathis
Director of Global Sales Operations at SXSW


Next Steps

After the initial project launch, we migrated to working in a retainer where we continued to work on issues outstanding and phase two items backlogged from original launch.

We trained and educated the SXSW team to troubleshoot any problems that arose, so they would be able to fix them on their own. We also created and shared documentation for all processes and created additional sales reports.  

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