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Case Study

Intimacy coach launches a custom CMS membership portal just in time for biannual membership drive

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Optimized processes


Expedited launch timeline to less than 60 days

Increased scalability 
The winning combo of dynamic HubDB content, memberships and CMS Hub
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The Client


The client is an intimacy coach who teaches followers through online video, workshops, and a learning program. A program certificate is offered for those who wish to pass on wisdom through their own coaching practice.

The Problem

  • The team was having trouble with their Ontraport -> HubSpot migration.
  •  They were on a tight deadline to migrate their membership portal from Wordpress into HubSpot CMS.
  • The team also needed a solution for multiple integrations, including integrating Thinkific and Chargebee with HubSpot to support their launch.
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The Solution

  •  Built a new portal using a custom HubSpot CMS website that leveraged private and HubSpot Memberships to control access to curriculum.
  • Utilized HubDB to host hundreds of on-demand content to populate the portal.
  • Migrated the client contact info into HubSpot using lists and custom properties.
  • We configured chargebee to let users purchase memberships from inside the HubSpot CMS website. The integration needed to control access to memberships and include self-service options for canceling / pausing memberships. 
  • Migrated landing pages from Unbounce to HubSpot.
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The Outcome

 In just under 60 days, the Aptitude 8 team designed, developed, and launched a new portal with integration to existing payment systems and migration of membership access - all in time for the spring launch initiative.

In addition, the team no longer had to manage two separate CRM systems. They streamlined their tech stack by sunsetting Ontraport and Unbounce.

They were also able to increase their scalability. The new portal gives the client the ability to automate access to gated video content based on active membership dates. Plus, adding new content is quick and easy with custom HubSpot CMS modules that dynamically populate video content from HubDB.
Optimized processes
The team streamlined their tech stack by sunsetting Ontraport and Unbounce.
< 60
< 60 Days
The team was able to expedite their launch timeline - launching their new portal in less than 60 days. 
Increased scalability
Adding new content is easy with custom HubSpot CMS modules that dynamically populate video content from HubDB. 

The Tools

Former Tech Stack

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New Tech Stack

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What Aptitude 8 is saying...


“This project was very, very technical - which made it a ton of fun. Building on HubSpot is what we do best here at Aptitude 8 so when we have a great team to work with, like this team, we get the chance to really think outside of the box to build some incredible solutions.”


Next Steps

Our team was attentive to the client's needs through post-launch support for the portal. We also custom developed flexible CMS modules for their landing pages to empower the team to keep their marketing assets in HubSpot rather than continuing to pay for Unbounce. 

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