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Case Study

iTrip automates marketing outreach with Marketing Hub and MLS integration

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Increased efficiency

Reduced time investment 

 iTrip's Cutting-Edge Integration of Marketing Hub & MLS 
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The Client

iTrip is a vacation rental management group in Park City, Utah. They help customers who own vacation rentals in the city market the vacation property through multiple channels, including digital and traditional channels. The client also helps its customers manage reservations, bookings, key access, and other logistics needs, such as cleaning and supplies.

The Problem

  • The company relied on property appraisals to attract new clients and set prices, but they lacked a system to conduct assessments and inform customers about the potential selling value of their properties.

  • iTrip depended on email communication with listing agents to provide data for selling houses, but they needed a more efficient way to integrate multiple listing service (MLS) data with their HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise.

  • The client required a data model that could track property owners, selling agents, buying agents, and associated properties, enabling automated outreach and personalized automated messages and recommendations to be sent when properties were listed.
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The Solution

  • The Aptitude 8 team manually imported MLS information from a CSV file into HubSpot to enable the integration of data.
  • Using Operations Hub and a custom object called "Import Object," A8  leveraged APIs such as Flexible Associations, Companies, Contacts, and CRM Object to build the integration.
  • A custom-coded workflow action was developed by the team, which processed each row of the imported CSV, ensuring the correct association of specified fields (deal, listing, property, and contacts) in HubSpot, thus creating separate objects and establishing accurate associations.
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The Outcome

Now, when an import object is created, it runs directly through a workflow with a coded action. This allows the client to import an object only once, and then have it automatically generate the data model. This framework can be used to enable complex CSV-driven import integration processes for any system using HubSpot Operations Hub.

Although the system does require a CSV import, it has made the real estate company’s marketing processes much easier and much more streamlined. Aptitude 8 also helped the client overcome their lack of access to APIs and the core system.
Increased efficiency 
The automated workflow and data model generation increased operational efficiency, as manual data entry and processing are reduced or eliminated.
Reduced time investment
The integration solution reduced the time and effort required for integrating MLS data with HubSpot, as it automates the process and handles complex CSV-driven import integration.

The Tools

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Why Aptitude 8?

This real estate client chose Aptitude 8 because we specialize in building custom HubSpot integrations and automations that make real estate marketing more accurate, efficient, and user-friendly. Our team can solve highly specific problems using HubSpot’s custom objects and its sophisticated data modeling features. 

With just a few inputs from the client, Aptitude 8 built an integration that significantly improved their marketing operations. Whether you need a complete system overhaul or a small, custom-built integration, we can find a way to make HubSpot work for you.

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