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Case Study

Ignite increases trial signups 300% with custom object driven personalization on CMS Hub

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300% increase in free-trial signups


Reduced time spent on manual events by 50%


Producing training events 30% faster

Ignite streamlines membership management, boosts sign-ups 300%

The Client

Ignite is a leadership community that helps early to mid-level leaders thrive with its proven curriculum and engaging learning platform. Ignite believes strongly in the power of community and experiential learning to transform individuals, institutions, and the world. Ignite is an offering of sr4 Partners, an organizational health consultancy.

The Problem

  • The existing tech stack couldn't stop non-members from accessing the training.
  • Lack of integration among tools created inefficiencies and duplicate work.
  • Ignite needed a new platform to consolidate website content, marketing, and sales, while also simplifying membership and event management.
  • The transition to a new platform needed to be smooth and not disrupt existing services.
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The Solution

  • Implemented the HubSpot CRM Platform and HubSpot payments to make it easier for corporate clients to manage their employee subscriptions.
  • HubSpot payments also made it possible to close the loophole that allowed non-members to join training events and put a free trial option in place instead.
  • Aptitude 8 used HubSpot CRM custom objects to automate the event production process, making the process faster and less susceptible to manual errors.
  • Marketing Hub helped Ignite get in front of potential corporate clients by marketing to new free trial signups. 
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The Outcome

By consolidating content, marketing, and sales on the HubSpot CRM Platform and utilizing powerful features such as payments and custom objects, Ignite is attracting more corporate clients than ever before.

This is most evident in the 300% increase in free-trial signups since implementation.

Processes are also much more efficient thanks to automation and consolidation, resulting in significant time savings. For example, Ryan estimates the Ignite team spends 50% less time tracking and manually reaching out to members for payment.

Meanwhile, Phuong estimates that she’s producing training events 30% faster and preventing a loss in revenue of $375 a month in fraudulent training signups.

Given these great results, Ryan strongly believes in the benefits of consolidating on the HubSpot CRM Platform.

“The power of having a CRM that connects your customers, touchpoints, communication, marketing, and payments in one place can’t be overestimated,” says Ryan.
Increased free trial signups by 300%
The team saw an increase of 300% in free trial signups after the implmentation. 
Reduced time on manual tasks by 50%
Due to automation and consolidation, the team was spending 50% less time on manual tasks.
Produced trainings 30% faster
The team is now able to produce training events 30% faster and prevent a loss in revenue of $375 a month in fraudulent training signups.

The Tools

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Why Aptitude 8?
"The power of having a CRM that connects your customers, touch points, communication, marketing, and payments in one place can’t be overestimated."

Ignite was looking for a technical HubSpot partner that knew how to push the limits of HubSpot CMS Hub. Because Aptitude 8 had already built a custom paid event portal for another client, they knew exactly how to help the Ignite team. The WebOps team at Aptitude 8 has become the premier team to build custom solutions on HubSpot CMS Hub.  This includes hosting live paid events, membership management pages, online classes and much more. 

By taking the time to understand the exact pain points being felt by the Ignite team, our WebOps practitioners were able to jump in, identify what needed to be built and build it in a way that was most helpful to the Ignite team.  Whether you need a virtually hosted paid event, a simple website refresh or anything in between, Aptitude 8 is here for all of your HubSpot CMS Hub needs.
Ryan Jeffrey 
Co-Founder of Ignite

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