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Case Study

HubSpot's annual conference leverages CMS Hub to build dynamic INBOUND 2022 website

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Increased ticket sales

Increased visibility with more access to data

Enhanced user experience

How INBOUND elevated their event with a dynamic website

The Client

HubSpot is a CRM platform offering Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, and Operations Hubs all in one place. Each year, HubSpot hosts their annual user event INBOUND. This event brings thought leaders together from over 161 countries to discuss marketing, sales, and customer experience.  Aptitude 8 was brought in to build the marketing site for INBOUND 2022.

The Problem

  • INBOUND 2022 was transitioning to a hybrid event for the first time posing unique challenges.
  • The website needed to provide an immersive experience for both virtual and in-person attendees.
  • The website also needed to bridge the gap between online and in-person attendees, enabling both audiences to feel connected.
  • The design had to reflect the experience that attendees could expect, regardless of whether they were attending in person or digitally.
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The Solution

  • The site was built on HubSpot CMS Hub and included enveloping animations while maintaining accessible design throughout.
  • Relied heavily on data, integrations, and CSS 
  • Leveraged Airtable and HubDB for dynamic content and JSON for updating based on use
  • Site included a full event agenda, page for partner hotels, and multiple points of sale for tickets
  • Integrated with Bizzabo and Helpscout for ticket sales and help platform
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The Outcome

 As a result of the improvements that were made in design, user experience, backend operations, and functionality, INBOUND 2022 sold out way ahead of time. Guests had the opportunity to feel truly connected with each other, the speakers and content.

By integrating the registration platform, HubSpot was able to collect valuable attendee data that helped curate the content and make adjustments to our paid marketing efforts for similar audiences.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, a product of the improvements that were made this year in design, user experience, and backend operations. The cohesiveness of how the brand elements interacted with the overarching UX, delivered a site that looked and felt great.

The final piece to the INBOUND 2022 experience was a personalized recap email. This email led to a dynamic landing page recapping the individual attendee's experience, based on how they interacted with the event. This page was also designed to ensure that it accurately reflected the experience for both digital and in-person attendees.
Increased Ticket Sales
INBOUND 2022 ticket sales were through the roof and they sold out way ahead of time.
Increased Visibility
Through strategic integrations, the INBOUND team had access to more data, increasing their visibility and allowing them to create a more personalized experience for each user. 
Enhanced User Experience
The 2022 INBOUND experience was truly unique and dynamic. It was designed so that both in-person and virtual attendees could have personalized and immersive event experiences.


The Tools

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Why Aptitude 8?

HubSpot chose Aptitude 8 for this project because they needed a partner that could fit seamlessly into the workflow of their tech stack. They knew that Aptitude 8 would be able to pull off the optimization and execution that they were looking for.

They also recognized that Aptitude 8, as big INBOUND fans, really understood the audience and the importance of community, noting our unmatched positive and magnetic energy for this project.

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