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Case Study

Crux Informatics increases web conversion 38% with CMS Hub

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Improved lead generation and sales

Enhanced user experience

How CMS Hub helped Crux Informatics achieve record conversion rates
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The Client

Crux Informatics is a FinTech platform that helps companies reliably get the data they need, how they need it and where they need it. By connecting data suppliers and data consumers, the Crux platform allows data to flow at scale. They focus on validating and wrangling data to make it ready for use, removing one of the most resource intensive and non-differentiating steps in the data supply chain today. Working directly with suppliers and serving multiple consumers, Crux removes market inefficiencies and duplications, creating a sustainable offering with economies of scale. They deliver data at a lower cost, with a faster time to market, in a standard easy-to-use way, and at a consistently high level of service and security.

The Problem

  • Crux, a marketplace business, faced the challenge of building a web presence that conveyed their high level of data sophistication and security to their target audience, which comprised enterprises consuming large amounts of data and data suppliers.
  • The company needed to ensure that their website, including the homepage, landing pages, and blog posts, effectively communicated the value proposition of their data services and addressed the concerns of potential customers.
  • The primary problem for Crux was the need to strike a delicate balance between showcasing their data sophistication and security while also compelling their target audience to take action.
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The Solution

  • A8 implemented a website design solution for Crux by expanding on their branding ideas and designs, creating a tailored experience for their sophisticated audience of data suppliers and consumers.
  • We prioritized user experience and strategically incorporated pop-up and inline forms to maximize conversion opportunities throughout the site, while robust workflows ensured seamless data transfer and effective communication with visitors.
  • We focused on development, ensuring mobile responsiveness, optimized load times, and consideration for SEO, resulting in a website that effectively showcased Crux's brand and provided a seamless experience across devices
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The Outcome

The outcome was a beautifully designed site, tailor-made for the intended audience, resulting in higher conversion rates on the site and a more seamless operational handoff.
Improved lead generation and sales 
A8's implementation of robust workflows connected to the forms facilitated seamless data transfer to the sales team, enabling timely follow-up and increasing the chances of converting visitors into leads or customers. 
Enhanced user experience
A8's transformation of the designs created a tailored website experience for Crux's audience, effectively complementing the user experience. Strategic placement of conversion opportunities, including pop-up and inline forms triggered by visitor behaviors, improved user engagement.

The Tools

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Why Aptitude 8?
Aptitude 8 was already working with Crux to optimize their Marketing Operations, so when they started thinking about overhauling their site they were wise in knowing that a website isn’t a standalone marketing tool anymore, it’s deeply connected to almost every system in an organization. They chose Aptitude 8 because of their holistic approach to marketing and technology systems.

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