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Using Experience Marketing to Create an Engaging ABM Campaign

In this webinar, we were joined by Ben Jablow of We uncover the importance of Experience Marketing and how to create a multi-channel approach fo

Suzanne Marsalisi
Suzanne Marsalisi

Mar 12, 2021

In this webinar, we were joined by Ben Jablow of We uncover the importance of Experience Marketing and how to create a multi-channel approach for your next ABM campaign.

A big part of this is going beyond the standard automated workflow to identify key-wins while pairing offline engagement for a scalable revenue generating strategy.

Here's what we cover:

  • What is "Experience Marketing" and how to incorporate it within your ABM strategy
  • Why 2020 has opened up new opportunities for direct mail
  • Cross-channel marketing: Using digital automation in-conjunction with offline engagement
  • How to effectively gift and why personalization plays a role in this
  • Why Experience Marketing is important and relevant in 2020

Watch the Entire Recording Below 👇🏼!


New opportunities created by 2020's virtual landscape was built to fill a specific gap in what is already existing for sales enablement tools: our solution removes the need for a marketing or swag closet. We built automation to connect with sales and marketing software that gives you the ability to effortlessly send gifts in a cadence, sequence or workflow. We are building the platform to enable our users to succeed in a virtual environment.

Strategically placing QR codes

Until recently, very few people knew what a QR code was. If you showed it to them, they wouldn't have understood what it is or how to use it. Now, we are all ordering off menus using QR codes due to touchless protocol.

For marketers, QR codes let you tie a physical experience to a highly personalized digital one, and be confident your audience will know what to do. Make sure you optimize for mobile!

Reaching people at home

People will give you their personal addresses! No one can receive mail at work anymore, which means they will sign up for your event, and they will provide you an address to send something to. More importantly, they won’t be irritated if you mail them at home, because it's no longer intrusive, it's just where we all are.

People are craving social experiences. Webinars, roundtables, virtual wine tastings...people are craving something beyond sitting behind a monitor all day. Tap into that need to yield HUGE results.

Why Experience Marketing is important and relevant in 2020

Every business has been leveraging corporate gifts for years - The power of gifting has been around forever and people recognize how effective it can be.

But how do you do this in a scalable way that's automated, traceable, and is reported on?

With Postal, essentially you can roll this out the same way you would with a social media or digital marketing campaign. There hasn't been a way to do this at scale with teams of hundreds of users. Postal is how you scale meaningful relationships.

Using Experience Marketing to create an engaging automated ABM campaign

Automation platforms that manage your cadences for email, calls, and other digital engagement already exists. To provide a true marketing experience that crosses channels, Experience Marketing reaches people in the real-world.

The companies that are using Postal are taking their personalized online efforts to apply towards their offline strategy such as a personalized gift. The ones that are thinking about it like this are leveraging an agnostic omnichannel strategy. We want people to work where they feel comfortable working, such as HubSpot working in a workflow - be able to trigger a send or on the contact level, quickly be able to send a gift with a note.

Example - a deal goes from prospect to closed-won, automating the sending of a handwritten note. The idea here is set-it and forget-it. You can get very detailed with the dollar amount or funnel and specify the exact item you want to send based on the prospect’s lifecycle stage.

Gifting isn’t just for marketing

The biggest thing we are seeing is users getting really strategic. It isn’t just for marketing, as sales teams are also getting creative in the ways they layer Postal into key account conversations that went cold.

For example, in sales you can send based on target account prospecting, re-engaging to generate a conversation you can’t get to.

Another key team is the CSM department - working with a point of contact that is new to the organization, or re-engaging a champion at an org that is up for renewal. You can also utilize Postal to work in an ABM as part of your beta testing - trying something new to outbound.

Postal enables the ability to send a tangible item that is automated and triggered by an activity within a sequence, cadence, or workflow. Postal lets you provide experiences in places you are already using automation. Send a tangible good within these pre-existing sequences.

How to effectively gift and why personalization plays a role

What are B2B marketers and sales teams doing to differentiate and create a competitive edge? Incorporating in personalization within their outbound efforts.

Adding a personal touch goes a long way when you’re leveraging direct mail and gifting in your online strategy. It is an easy way to create a memorable experience. Think of it as a way to be unique and create an experience. For example, an upcoming event. You can add delight into a campaign by not just sending an email for the event, but a personalized box with their logo on it, enclosed with a video to invite those key accounts to your upcoming event. Now, you are turning that invite into an experience.  

You can also do little things that aren’t expensive at all...for instance: a QR code - linking to a video that has a customized message with the message you want to send.

Cross-channel marketing

It's more important than ever to use digital automation in-tandem with offline engagement

Postal integrates with SalesLoft, Hubspot, Outreach, and Salesforce. Use Postal Triggers to send gifts or direct mail within an existing sequence, cadence or workflow.

Huge power to tie in CRM and map data to your physical experiences and deliver something that is more personalized than most Christmas gifts.

Start your free trial with Postal today to start breaking through the digital noise!

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