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The Power of Leveraging Dynamic Content in HubSpot

Dynamic content changes based on context. Here’s how it can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

Jordan Mikilitus
Jordan Mikilitus

Oct 11, 2022

HubSpot websites are anything but static. With HubSpot's dynamic content, you can display different versions of your content on your website automatically. This makes it easy to target different audiences and create a more personalized experience for website visitors.

Dynamic content even has applications for companies that provide ongoing services to users through their websites.

Let's explore how you can leverage the power of dynamic content to create contextualized experiences for customers and provide better service.

What is Dynamic Content in HubSpot?

Dynamic content is a feature in the HubSpot CMS (content management system) that allows businesses to display different versions of their website automatically.

When you create a dynamic page in your HubSpot CMS, it derives its content from structured data sources like CRM objects. A CRM object like a contact could provide the data for a dynamic page, then populate the content within that page based on the entries within the object.

For example, if a user accesses the website, content could auto-populate based on that contact's name or role or based on the previous interactions they've had on your website. This is especially useful if you have users regularly sign into your website, as it allows you to greet them with personalized messages.

Populating Dynamic Content with Custom Objects

If you have a HubSpot Enterprise subscription, you aren't limited to using HubSpot's standard objects (contacts, companies, deals, and tickets), either. You can create custom objects in your HubSpot CRM to generate dynamic content based on almost any factor you can imagine. This makes dynamic content useful for multiple business contexts and a variety of industries.

HubSpot provides this example:

"A car dealership could store their inventory as records with a custom Car object. Then, using CRM object dynamic pages, they could list their inventory online with a unique page automatically created for each car. When a new record is created under the Car object, a new page will be created automatically, keeping the inventory and website in sync."

This way, the website evolves and changes based on the needs of the business, as well as the needs of each user using the website.

Case Study: Aptitude 8 Helps University Launch CRM-Driven CMS

Aptitude 8 recently implemented dynamic content for a university client to help them enable new capabilities on their website. The university successfully launched a feature that enabled users to browse and search for courses, then purchase courses directly through an eCommerce feature. As with the car dealership example, this allowed the university to filter its pages by custom property values.

Specifically, Aptitude 8 created custom objects for Courses in the university's HubSpot CRM, which enabled them to create dynamic pages that changed based on what new courses were added to the system. The layout of each page varied based on Course Type.

This was accomplished after Aptitude 8 implemented a learning management system (LMS) and integrated it with their HubSpot solution. As a result, the university gained a much more efficient website and granted students the ability to purchase courses without having to log into multiple web portals.

Automating page creation made the university's internal processes much easier, and it ensured better accuracy and representation of the courses they have to offer.

Explore Other Applications of Dynamic Content

We've cited two examples of how you can use dynamic content, but you can explore your own applications based on the needs of your business.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Create Different Website Versions Based on User Location

If you're a business with multiple locations, you can use dynamic content to create customized websites for each one. You can identify the visitor's location and show them the relevant contact information, hours, and directions for their specific location.

Showcase Different Products or Services to Different Audiences

If you offer multiple products or services, you can use dynamic content to show the right ones to the right people. For example, you could show a list of products for people who are interested in buying something and a list of services for people who are interested in getting help from you.

Personalize Your Website Based on the Visitor's Interests

Dynamic content can also be used to personalize your website based on the visitor's interests, needs, or marketing and sales status. You could show them different blog posts, case studies, or product pages depending on what they've clicked on in the past. This helps ensure that they always see content that's relevant to them.

Get Started with Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a great way to target different audiences and create a more personalized experience for website visitors. By displaying different versions of your website automatically, HubSpot makes it easy to personalize the experience for each visitor.

If you're not already using dynamic content, contact us today to learn more about how to get started.

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