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With a product release as big as HubSpot’s new Operations Hub, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and what problems you can start solving. After years of building custom work arounds, the Aptitude 8 HubSpot RevOps team has compiled the top problems you can now solve using Ops Hub. 

To help you get a jump start, we’ve put together The Ops Hub Playbook.

Within the playbook, you will find many unique blueprints outlining exactly how you can implement solutions to the problems you might be looking to solve. We’ve bucketed these solutions into a few different categories including:

  • Data Architecture: Using Ops Hub to organize data, move data points across objects, and automate the framework for a sound reporting strategy. 
  • Integrations: How to use Ops hub for both push and pull integrations without the need for middleware.
  • Advanced Workflow Automation: Take your workflow automation to the next level by removing limitations of standard actions and run fully code based actions (Custom Coded Actions). 
  • Data Routing & Assignment: Use Ops Hub to extend your routing and assignment logic past round robin. 
  • Custom Objects: Leverage Ops Hub with custom objects to build fully native custom applications within HubSpot. 

If these are problems you are looking to solve for, get The Operations Hub Playbook here.

kaitlynn Sirotkin
kaitlynn Sirotkin
Kaitlynn Sirotkin is a Solutions Consultant at Aptitude 8 and heads up A8's Sales Enablement projects with She has been a seller, Demand Gen Leader, and has 5+ years of direct RevOps experience helping sales teams get more out of the tools they live in every day.

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