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Nonprofit Fundraising with HubSpot

Nonprofits should consider an all-in-one platform for fundraising. Here’s why HubSpot is a better option than a combination of separate tools.

Connor Jeffers
Connor Jeffers

May 16, 2022

If you operate a nonprofit organization, you know that you need every possible edge in your fundraising campaign for it to be a success. Many nonprofits struggle to manage their campaigns effectively because they're stuck with a combination of disparate tools. It can be challenging when donor management, marketing automation, attribution, and more must happen through separate platforms.

That's why HubSpot can help make your fundraising campaigns more successful. HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows nonprofits to manage their entire campaign from a single location. In this article, we will explain why nonprofit organizations like yours should consider using HubSpot for fundraising campaigns.

Comprehensive Fundraising Tools

When you use HubSpot for nonprofit fundraising, you have access to a comprehensive set of tools that can help you automate your email campaigns, segment your audience, create landing pages, and track the performance of your campaign.

You can also use HubSpot's social media tools to reach more donors and build relationships with them. For example, HubSpot's social media automation tools allow you to create and post to multiple accounts simultaneously. You can even contextualize posts for different audiences and schedule them in advance to save time.

HubSpot's email automation solutions allow you to send personalized emails to donors in different stages of their giving journey. Use if/then logic to send automated emails to donors who have donated in the past. Enroll new donors in email workflows that keep them engaged and encourage them to give more toward your goals.

HubSpot already partners with more than 4,000 nonprofits around the world. If you’re a new HubSpot customer, you may even qualify for special nonprofit advantages from HubSpot.


If you use Stripe to accept donations, you no longer need to switch to HubSpot Payments just to use HubSpot as your central campaign location. A8 Labs has created an app called Zaybra that integrates your Stripe account directly into the HubSpot platform.

Once installed, Zaybra allows you to create and update Stripe transactions and subscriptions directly through HubSpot. There’s no need to cycle between the two apps. Zaybra also keeps all your information synchronized between the two apps, so you won’t encounter any duplicate or missing entries.

Check out Zaybra in the HubSpot ecosystem today to learn more.

Donor Management Simplified

HubSpot's marketing tools are part of a fully integrated CRM. This allows you to track levels of engagement amid specific contacts, so you can see which of your channels they're interacting with and what messaging works best to encourage them to give.

HubSpot even has email tracking, call tracking, and meeting scheduling built-in, so you can keep all your interactions centered on each contact object.

This is essential for implementing a Moves Management Model as part of your donor campaign. This involves taking targeted and quantifiable actions to shift contacts from passive donors to active ones. HubSpot can be a key tool for helping you build those relationships through multiple channels.

Cutting-Edge Digital Experiences

If you're struggling with an outdated website or even a modern website that doesn't provide you with the capabilities you need, HubSpot could be the answer to your problems. HubSpot comes with a built-in content management system (CMS). This enables you to host a website directly through the HubSpot platform and integrated it with all your fundraising activities.

You can use the HubSpot CMS to easily create, publish, and schedule content for your website. It uses a drag-and-drop interface that anyone at your organization can learn, even those who aren't tech-savvy.

HubSpot websites also record visitor activity and associate it with specific contacts and marketing triggers. You can attribute website activity to each of your marketing campaigns, and you can track how individual contacts interact with your published content.

Easy Monitoring and Attribution

With HubSpot, you can track how your campaign is performing across all your channels and make necessary adjustments on the fly. The best part? You can do all of this directly through the HubSpot platform. There's no need to switch between tools for email, social media, and website marketing.

HubSpot makes it easy to generate reports and visualizations you can share with all your stakeholders. They're easy to understand, and they'll enable you to pinpoint which tactics are generating the most traction.

HubSpot's fundraising tools are designed to help you save time and effort so that you can focus on what's important: raising money for your nonprofit.

Launch Your Next Fundraiser with HubSpot and A8

HubSpot is the perfect platform for nonprofit organizations to manage their fundraising campaigns. With HubSpot, you can easily track your campaign's performance, create targeted content, and engage with your donors. A nonprofit that uses HubSpot can save time and money while still generating great results.

If you'd like to learn more about how HubSpot can help with nonprofit marketing, don't hesitate to check out some of HubSpot's free resources for nonprofits. Contact us at Aptitude 8 to learn how we can help make your next fundraising campaign a success and check out A8 Labs’ Zaybra app if you're interested in using Stripe alongside your HubSpot account.

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