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INBOUND 2022: Aptitude 8's Biggest Takeaways

The INBOUND 2022 conference left the Aptitude 8 team with a lot of great ideas, inspirations and takeaways.

Jordan Mikilitus
Jordan Mikilitus

Sep 12, 2022

As the post-INBOUND 2022 dust starts to settle, there is so much to unpack from this year's HubSpot conference.

With a handful of the Aptitude 8 team in Boston for the conference, and the rest attending virtually, the internal group chat was buzzing with excitement, featuring a running commentary on all of the new features, release, trends, and strategies. 

Here's a peek into the team chat - check out some of Aptitude 8's takeaways and thoughts throughout the conference: 


"One key takeaway from the "Keeping Focus in the Speed of Culture" Session was that you should give your customers and viewers a chance to interact with your content in a way that makes them feel truly a part of it. An example of this is having a crown made for a star at the VMAs and then creating a link from social shares of red carpet images for shoppers to buy that exact crown. This promotes a sense of exclusivity, community, and ease of engagement."

Grace Jennis, Sr Solutions Consultant - UI/UX


"True authentic community engagement: high interest, high engagement. You need to deeply care and actively participate. Focus on real conversations, not just likes - respond and be transparent if you make a mistake. This is just another emphasis on authenticity to generate real, valuable conversations. Vanity engagement and something that is not part of your core, is not the same and will not create a community." 

Suzanne Marsalisi, MOps Delivery Lead


"Smart Content's ability to hyper-personalize web content seems like a great way to add some interesting logic to email campaigns like onboarding, etc. Being able to make this for CMS Hub is very exciting."

Jason Lovinsky, RevOps Associate


"One session noted if you don't have the knowledge, network or skill set, find or hire someone who does. It's also important to hire people in leadership to support diversity and ensure you are reaching, understanding and supporting different demographics."

Clare Garton, Services Account Manager


"Clients simply want things to be better. Don't assume the client knows their problem. It's important to ask them a lot of questions to understand their problem, which may not exist from their point of view. Get them to compare today versus tomorrow to draw up the contrast." 

Nicole Kimball, RevOps Delivery Lead


"One theme I've noticed is that the days of putting something online and hoping people will come are over. It pays to stay active in the community. Keeping customers engaged is harder than ever. If you don’t actively work to stay top of mind, people forget about you. Action steps: create a service around a community, create content that empowers (people are skipping text search results in favor of video), and remember, you don’t need to create polished over-produced content." 

Sasha Sosin, WebOps Solutions Consultant 


"What's Next: Connecting with Future Buyers" session is making some good points about how much relationships matter for retention and repeat business. It seems obvious that we would want to have a good relationship with our clients, but that goes beyond just doing good work. That small talk at the beginning of meetings is critical!"

Ryan Gunn, Sr MOPs Solutions Consultant 


"One takeaway from the How it Started & How It's Going: How Failure & Pivoting Can Create Massive Opportunity session was that it's important to be known for ONE thing, do it really well and then you'll be known for many things. If you're known for just one thing, you'll soon sell all the things. The one thing is your gateway to everything."

Hope Anderson, RevOps Associate 


"From What's Next: Building an Organization to Fuel the Flywheel - What would you do or change if success was inevitable? The very thing you're probably afraid to change the most, is likely the thing that needs the most attention. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Travis McGinnis, MOPs Solutions Consultant 


If you’re interested in learning more about anything discussed at INBOUND 2022, we'd love to chat! Contact us today.


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