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HubSpot Sales Hub vs. Outreach: Which is a Better Choice for You?

HubSpot Sales Hub and Outreach offer comparable features, but they suit different types of businesses. Here’s what you need to know about these products.

Adam Robbert
Adam Robbert

Feb 16, 2022

HubSpot Sales Hub and Outreach are two of the most popular sales platforms available on the market today. Both have powerful features that almost any sales operation can use.

Nonetheless, choosing between the two may be more than just a matter of preference. HubSpot is widely renowned for its ease of use, but Outreach may be more suitable for some types of businesses.

Here, we’ll explore the pros and cons of HubSpot Sales Hub and Outreach. We’ll also explore which one might be the best choice for you given your unique business needs.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales platform that offers a wide range of features for sales teams. It can be purchased as a stand-alone SaaS product for your sales team, or you can include it as part of a larger HubSpot technology stack. HubSpot also offers a Marketing Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub.

What are the Pros of HubSpot Sales Hub?

Ease of Use: HubSpot is popular because it's a much more user-friendly option compared to other types of sales software. Even if your salespeople have little to no coding skills, they can still use HubSpot's features to automate their sales processes and build powerful workflows.

Comprehensive Contact Management: HubSpot Sales Hub offers comprehensive contact management features that synchronize with other HubSpot products through a central database. This includes the ability to track contact details, communication history, and activity. Even if you use other branded software, you can integrate Sales Hub with them to keep your contact data clean.

Email Tracking: HubSpot Sales Hub offers email tracking features that most sales operations need as part of their email campaigns. Users can use HubSpot to see when contacts open and click on links in emails, helping them draw insights about their prospecting and sales operations.

Automated Workflows: HubSpot Sales Hub offers automated workflow features that can span the entire HubSpot technology stack, not just Sales Hub. This allows sales teams to automate repetitive tasks and seamlessly hand off leads and customers to other departments.

HubSpot Integrations: HubSpot Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s other software products. This makes it a good choice for businesses that are already using products like HubSpot Marketing Hub or the HubSpot CMS Hub.

Free Version: A free version of HubSpot Sales Hub is available to try for as long as you like.

Quality Support: According to software rating site G2, users say HubSpot provides better ongoing product support than Outreach.

What are the Cons of HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub's Professional and Enterprise tiers can be a bit more expensive than other platforms. You get a lot of great features for your investment, but some smaller businesses may not need all the features provided in Sales Hub's higher-tier platforms,

Some users have complained about limits within the system that introduce additional fees. For example, you may have to pay a bit more to add on additional users beyond your limit or to get additional reports beyond your limit.

Who Should Use HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub is an excellent choice for large enterprises that already use popular sales and marketing software like Salesforce. It's an especially good choice for companies that already use HubSpot's other products, such as HubSpot Marketing Hub, as it will integrate seamlessly with them.

Smaller companies may benefit from the free version, but they may not use all the features in Sales Hub if they decide to upgrade to a higher tier.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams manage their contacts and communicate with them more effectively. The company has over 5,000 global customers and provides sales teams with AI-powered deal insights that help them take more strategic sales actions.

What are the Pros of Outreach?

Affordability: Outreach doesn't list pricing information directly on its website. Instead, it requires prospective buyers to request pricing information. Nonetheless, some sources suggest Outreach is less expensive than HubSpot Sales Hub.

Comparable Features: Outreach offers features that are comparable to HubSpot Sales Hub, including email tracking, email templates, meeting scheduling, and automation, including automated follow-ups. You can also sequence emails with other communication channels, like LinkedIn messages and phone calls.

Integrates with Other Tools: Outreach does integrate with other popular software, including HubSpot and Salesforce. That means it's still a viable option for companies that wish to rely on other software for their CRM.

What Are the Cons of Outreach?

Outreach is not as well-integrated with HubSpot’s other software products, so it may be less suitable for businesses that are already using HubSpot.

Some users have found Outreach to be difficult to use. Although it offers a comprehensive dashboard, some users find the interface to be cluttered and confusing, making it hard to find the features they need.

Outreach may not integrate with as many non-CRM products as HubSpot.

Who Should Use Outreach?

Outreach is a good choice for sales teams that need to manage a large number of contacts. It's also a good choice for teams that are looking for an affordable software product with comparable features to HubSpot Sales Hub. Outreach may be less strict with its pricing model as well, so it could be a good option for smaller businesses.

Making the Choice Between HubSpot Sales Hub and Outreach

Ultimately, the best platform to choose is the one that will work best for your specific business needs. HubSpot Sales Hub is a good choice for businesses that are already using HubSpot’s other software products. Outreach may be a better choice for businesses that are looking for a less expensive option with a wide range of features.

This is an important decision, so don't hesitate to reach out to us at Aptitude 8 if you need help. We're experts in both HubSpot and Outreach integration. We can analyze your business and your current technology stack, then provide recommendations on how to proceed with your sales technology strategy.

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