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Ensuring the Ease of Use and Adoption of Salesforce or HubSpot

In order for your CRM to be successful, you must ensure its ease of use and adoption among your employees. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that happens.

Andrea Mache
Andrea Mache

Dec 30, 2022

CRM Ease of Use and Adoption

Entire organizations can benefit from the use of technologies that are easy to onboard, adopt, and train. In fact, a recent survey found that ease of use is the number one factor that businesses consider when evaluating the effectiveness of their current CRM.

Despite this, 40% of those surveyed who had insight into their current CRM tool reported that adoption/training was still a top challenge.  Let’s dive into why this happens and what can be done to make your user adoption and training process easier. 

Selecting a CRM Advocate

The first step is to find an advocate or group of advocates in your organization who will support the adoption of your CRM. These advocates should be people who have used the CRM before or have had success stories with it — such as power users or previous users — as they will be best equipped to understand the system’s capabilities and help others learn how to use it. Additionally, they can create guidelines for using the tool, facilitate work groups on how to use it better, send tips on using the tool more efficiently, and more.

Investing in Training Employees

The second step is to invest time in training employees on how to use your new CRM system properly. Show that you truly care about their success by setting aside dedicated time for them to learn about all of its features so that they can get up to speed quickly and start using it with confidence. Make sure that your administrator and CRM advocate are available during this training period so that they can answer any questions users may have promptly and thoroughly.

Incentivizing Adoption

Finally, incentivizing adoption can go a long way in encouraging employees to start utilizing all of the features available in your CRM system fully. Consider rewarding usage through prizes such as gift cards or time off — anything that makes usage fun and shows staff members how important it is for them to familiarize themselves with all aspects of their new system. According to surveys conducted by Salesforce, 40% of those surveyed cited adoption as one of their top challenges when implementing their own CRMs — so taking these steps could pay dividends down the line!  

Getting the Most Out of Your New CRM

Making sure that employees are comfortable using your organization's newly implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is essential for achieving success with this technology solution.

Start by selecting one or multiple people in your organization as advocates for the program — preferably those who have previous experience with similar systems — then invest in training them properly so that they become comfortable enough with its features to answer user questions promptly and thoroughly from other team members. Finally, incentivizing adoption could help encourage further use across all departments; even something small like giving away gift cards or offering extra vacation hours could do wonders for encouraging widespread acceptance!

With these tips in mind, you can rest assured knowing that you're well on your way toward making sure everyone gets up to speed quickly! 

Here at Aptitude 8, we love helping clients' lives easier. Feel free to reach out and see if we can help make your CRM implementation a breeze! 

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