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A Comprehensive Review of HubSpot and Salesforce

If you’re in the process of choosing a CRM platform for your business, you know that there is more to consider than just the monthly or annual software costs. The implementation, management and utilization of any CRM system come with an associated price tag.

Andrea Mache
Andrea Mache

Jan 04, 2023

For any business, keeping track of customer data can be a difficult task. That’s why it’s so important to use the right tools and technology to help manage and utilize customer data.

In this blog, we take a look at two popular CRMs—HubSpot and Salesforce—and put them head to head to compare their costs, utilization, and effectiveness. 

A Cost & Benefit Analysis

The cost of a CRM goes well beyond the monthly or annual software costs. It is important to consider what goes into the implementation, management, and utilization of the tool and adjacent technology.

Not only are organizations that use HubSpot spending considerably less on implementing their tool, they are also dedicating fewer costly resources to the management of it and getting more useful data from it. 


Implementation cost considerations include how long it takes to implement as well as dedicated resources. HubSpot not only takes less time to implement but also requires less internal resources to carry out implementation than Salesforce.

The cost of external vendors used to implement was similar between the two. When it comes to managing costs, HubSpot is again more affordable than Salesforce. HubSpot requires less IT support and training than Salesforce. In terms of utilization, both systems offer a wide range of features and functionality.

However, HubSpot offers a free version while Salesforce’s cheapest option starts at $25 per user per month. When comparing the costs of HubSpot and Salesforce, HubSpot is the more affordable option in terms of implementation, management, and utilization. 

Management and Support

The implementation of any CRM system requires some level of internal resources – employees who are familiar with the technology and can help get it up and running across your organization. While HubSpot typically requires fewer internal employees than Salesforce to manage, both platforms require external vendors (consultants, developers, etc.) to ensure successful implementation.

Interestingly, while both HubSpot and Salesforce users report similar average cost associated with their external vendors, HubSpot users tend to be more satisfied with their external partners than Salesforce users.


The software cost associated with any CRM system varies significantly depending on the number of users and features required by an organization. That said, our research shows that when it comes to purchasing software for either HubSpot or Salesforce platforms, customers report similar spend on their CRMs and associated technology.

Even more interestingly, HubSpot users feel more strongly than Salesforce users that these costs are worth the price they pay for them. 


We also wanted to know how effective each of these solutions were in helping professionals access customer data across teams. The overwhelming majority of sales and marketing professionals surveyed agree that having access to a comprehensive view of prospect and customer data across teams is important.

Our research found that HubSpot users find it easier to gain a full view of customer data compared to those using Salesforce, and they are more likely to trust the data that comes from their CRM.  

It Might be Time to Check out HubSpot 

It is clear from our research that there are advantages associated with both HubSpot and Salesforce when it comes to managing customer data within an organization or team. However, our research shows that HubSpot offers better ease-of-use when it comes to gaining access to comprehensive customer profiles across teams as well as greater trust in the accuracy of customer information stored in its databases.

For business owners looking for an efficient way to manage customer relationships without breaking the bank on expensive software costs, HubSpot may be the perfect solution for you! 

Interested in learning more? 

Our team of experienced consultants have certifications in both HubSpot and Salesforce, as well as the expertise to help you navigate deciding which CRM is best for you. If you're interested in learning more about implementing HubSpot, contact us at Aptitude 8 - we'd love to help!

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