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Your CRM should be more than a list of emails. It should give you insight into your prospect and customer behaviors, interactions, communications, and even automated triggers to help your team get more done. To effectively go to market or engage and delight customers, you have to understand your team's behavior and understand your customers, which is why CRM is critical to a business’s success. Whether you’re migrating from one CRM to another or getting up and running on a CRM for the first time, implementing the software with growth and scale in mind is extremely important.


Aptitude 8 has a full team of solutions architects, engineers, developers, certified administrators, and CRM consultants that work as an extension of your team. We can implement new CRMs, migrate data, integrate it with the rest of your tech stack, build custom integrations, and extend functionality with new feature development. We’ll even take a look under the hood of your CRM and your systems with our comprehensive audit and let you know where you can optimize if you don’t have something specific in mind.


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Systems Implementation

We can help you pick the right platform for your business, design your data model, translate your business process, and get you the reporting you need.


Rev-Ops Management

Use A8 as an extension of your team to ensure every process change, new addition to your stack, and strategic project adds value without disrupting downstream stakeholders.


Systems Audit

CRMs tend to be connected to various other software and have complex, oftentimes even messy architecture - we’ll take a look under your hood and identify where the opportunity lies, while squashing bugs along the way.


Custom Integrations

You want to connect all your tools to your CRM, but many don’t have native integrations. A8 can help you orchestrate your systems and ensure seamless data transfer through native development, APIs, or middleware.

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