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Our Vision

At Aptitude 8, we believe that the disciplines of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, are inherently interconnected as a single go to market team focused on Growth. 

We like to think of each group as a part of the bigger flywheel of a conjoined revenue engine, instead of disparate groups with disconnected goals. Our work is focused on helping companies leverage people, process, and technology to unify each group and deliver amazing customer experiences. 


Our Values

Relentlessly Resourceful

Relentlessly Resourceful

We find and build what we need on our own and don't wait for others to provide it for us. 

Pride in our work

Have Pride in the Work We Do

We do work we can't help but share. We do work that is a testament to our abilities, and the firm. 

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

We aspire to be better today than we were yesterday, and are always working to enhance our skills.

Time is non-renewable

Time is a Non-Renewable Resource

We consider time our most valuable resource. We can't get it back, we can't buy more of it, and nothing we do will expand the amount that we have.

2 way doors

FILDI (Fuck it, Let's Do It) 

We approach decisions with a strong FILDI and have a tremendous bias for action over analysis. 

solution oriented

Solutions Oriented

We do not let bad ideas thrive because of who came up with them, nor do we let "good enough" prevent us from finding the best possible solution. We're idealistic. 

Direct Communication

Direct Communication

We prefer direct communication over corporate speak or overt politeness. We are always honest and forthright when surfacing feedback, opinions, or raising risk.

Calm Cool Calculated

Calm. Cool. Calculated.

We stay level headed and focused on the fix. Mistakes happen, and when they do we lean into them and understand why instead of panicking or looking to assign blame. 

People greatest asset

Our People are our Greatest Asset

As a services business, our people are our product. We take the health, happiness, and success of our team members seriously.

Who We Are

Aptitude 8 is a team of RevOps and Demand Generation Professionals, all with a direct background in hands on systems ownership, team leadership, and being accountable for the decisions they make. 

We aren't an agency of people implementing a proven playbook to a narrow niche. We love hard problems, unique use cases, and building solutions no one has ever seen. 

Who We Are-1

Who We Aspire To Be

Aptitude 8 aspires to the be the #1 provider of CRM platform enhancements

Opportunities are everywhere in the ecosystems we support. Aptitude 8 is not another CRM shop or Inbound Marketing Agency. We are in this space with purpose, looking to capture the $18.8 Billion Opportunity in the HubSpot ecosystem. There will be Appirio's and Bluewolf's and companies that breakout. We plan on being the king of the hill. 

Who We Aspire To Be

Why We're Unique

We are building a career defining company and products to fill unique gaps we work to patch every day. The people you work with with challenge and inspire you and you will be met with problems there is no defined right answer for.

We deliver an unparalleled service offering with a hybrid of management consulting and technical acumen to drive meaningful changes for our customers. We don't just deliver against a scope of work or run a customer through our proven playbooks. 


Who We Are_02-02

RevOps Team

Our RevOps team is focused on delivering CRM Platform implementations, integrations, business process design, and automation. Their work spans multiple systems, and they excel at process driven thinking. They help customers translate business needs into technical requirements and manage a team to deliver the future. If you have a background in operations, sales, or customer success and can build a slick process map this may be the team for you. 

Demand Gen Team

Our Demand Gen team is focused on helping our customers convert their creative vision into a solution that drives real results. They focus on web design and development, campaign execution, customer journey mapping, strategic segmentation, and using technology to deliver the best possible customer experience. If you have a background in marketing, marketing operations, previous agency experience, or are the swiss army knife of a startup marketing team, you'll fit right in. 

Onboarding Team

When people buy new software or implement new solutions to their business, the project doesn't end with technical implementation. Our Onboarding Team focuses on helping customers learn how to use the tools we support and the products we build. They lead training and enablement for sales, marketing, and service teams. If you have a background in customer success or sales enablement, or just love to teach people this is the place for you. 

Internal Team

Behind every great show is a team of people coordinating the music, costumes, lighting, and stage. At Aptitude 8, we call these folks our Internal Team. This team is compromised of Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Business Operations staff making sure everything runs smoothly so our services team can deliver their best work. If you're an amazing support resource, know how to create scalable internal infrastructure, or have a background in go to market for services orgs we'd love to get introduced.


Remote Work

Remote Work


Upskilling Opportunities

Unlimited PTO

Unlimited PTO

CEO Updates

Weekly CEO Updates

Mental Health_06

Mental Health Stipend

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Hear Directly From The Team

"This company has given me the freedom and opportunity to grow in ways I didn’t know existed. It’s not a place for the intellectually timid. In order to succeed, you’ll want to be hungry and curious, without fear of the unknown: Solve - the - problem. There is always help, but no hand holding. People with a mindset along these lines will find themselves in an environment they will never want to leave."

- Full Stack HubSpot Developer

"The group at Aptitude 8 is phenomenally bright, future-focused, and exceptionally solutions-oriented. These solutions, offered both to the clients and to one another, are proof of their caring attitude and expertise. I could not be more proud to call these folks my coworkers and friends."

- RevOps Associate

"Aptitude 8 is nothing more than a group of highly motivated, curious, and intelligent people working together to solve extremely complex business problems - and having an absolute great time doing it. Our culture is comfortable and authentic, creating a safe environment for us to innovate and succeed. Everyone speaks freely and openly, we understand each other, we challenge each other, we learn from each other, we deeply care for one another, and any obstacle we're faced with we work as a team to overcome....giggling and high-fiving later about how hard that just was."

- Demand Generation Team Lead

"Coming from the in-house world, I was ready for a new challenge that allowed me to not only help people solve their marketing problems but also kept me on my toes — and Aptitude 8 fit the bill! We get to work with awesome clients that bring really compelling projects to the table — and the collaborative approach we take with them makes problem-solving extra fun. Not to mention behind the scenes there is no shortage of brainstorming with some of the smartest, most innovative, and downright coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!"

- Demand Generation, Solutions Consultant II

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