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How We Helped Lucidpress Save $77,000 By Switching To HubSpot

With the help of Aptitude 8, Lucidpress implemented HubSpot CRM while taking steps to integrate its product database and introducing a new automated quoting process with Operations Hub. Today, Lucidpress is saving an estimated $77,000 in yearly for a 50% reduction in technology costs.


Lucidpress is an intuitive design and brand management platform used by more than eight million people around the world to create brochures, flyers, social media, posters, business cards, and more. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop templates and collaborative features, it’s become the go-to tool for today's busy marketers

The Problem

When Lucidpress was acquired by a private equity firm, it had to choose between cloning its parent company’s existing tech stack or starting over with its own solution.

Whichever route it chose, the Lucidpress team would have only 90 days to implement—because nothing could be done until the acquisition was announced.

The parent company’s existing tech stack consisted of Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Workato, Tableau, Outreach, Groove, Chorus, and other tools, and required eight FTEs to administer it. Chandler Shipley, Director of Sales Strategy and Operations at Lucidpress, worried that Lucidpress wouldn’t have the resources to support the complex tech stack on its own.

  • highly-technical-build

    Their needs in HubSpot were very technical and highly personalized

  • fractured-system

    Needed to consolidate a large and fractured system into one tool

  • tight-deadline

    Large project needing to be done by a strict deadline

The Solution

Once the acquisition was formally announced, Lucidpress and Aptitude 8 sprung into action to meet the 90-day deadline.

Unfortunately, Lucidpress couldn’t integrate any new systems with its parent company due to contractual obligations, requiring Aptitude 8 to import all Salesforce data through a manual upload tool—adding another layer of complexity to the implementation.

In order to get the implementation done successfully, we focused on these core areas: 

Self-Service By Department Heads

With HubSpot CRM, Lucidpress doesn’t need an eight-person team to administer its platform. Instead, department heads can make the most changes themselves because the platform is so intuitive.

“We can solve something or build something in a day or less that would have taken weeks in our old software,” says David. “Our speed to adapt and change processes is way faster.”

Visibility across sales, marketing, and service

With sales, marketing, and service consolidated on the HubSpot CRM platform, all teams have visibility across all functions.

This has been particularly valuable to the sales team: “Sales reps can see everything in the contact record, like which pages people have visited and which emails they’ve opened,” says David. “They have the context of the relationship right there so they can have better conversations with customers.”

No practical limits on database size

HubSpot CRM has also solved Lucidpress' need for a large database that’s not priced out of reach, eliminating the need to routinely delete records.

“With HubSpot, you can pretty much build as big a database as you want by designating marketing contacts,” says David. “We can keep all our users on the platform and routinely mark some as inactive. It’s a huge selling point for SaaS companies with freemium products.”

Plans to integrate real-time product data

Aptitude 8 is also working with Lucidpress to integrate its product database with sales and marketing using HubSpot CRM’s custom behavioral events (CBEs).

“We created custom behavioral events for free trial creation and other key product lifecycle events like "viewed docs feature" or "added users" that the Lucidpress product team determined were key steps to customer activation. They’ll not only be able to measure these in HubSpot but also use workflows with CBE triggering to drive specific actions and measure results.”

While these CBEs haven’t been rolled out yet, David is looking forward to using their data insights to market and engage in product-led growth strategies in a way he and his team couldn’t before.

Syncing subscriptions with products

Aptitude 8 also used HubSpot CRM custom objects to create a subscription object populated directly from the Snowflake product database using Hightouch. Consequently, sales get real-time visibility into customer LTV, marketing can upsell existing customers and re-engage churned ones, and customer service can access customer data directly in the CRM.

“Before, Lucidpress would have to export CRM and product data, aggregate it, and analyze it,” says Connor. “Now, customer value is all reported out of HubSpot.”

Ultimate flexibility with Operations Hub

Aptitude 8 is also using HubSpot CRM’s Operations Hub to extend HubSpot’s native functionality to build new processes.

Leveraging a custom-coded action using Operations Hub to extend the native HubSpot quote approval functionality. This allows Lucidpress to manage multiple approvers and teams, using custom logic they couldn't build with out-of-the-box functionality. Aptitude 8’s ability to design and code this functionality was critical to Lucidpress’ success.

Aptitude 8 also designed and developed a custom quote template that adheres to Lucidpress’ branding guidelines. These templates make it easy for the team to create quotes that are auto-populated from deals, ensuring greater compliance and fewer errors.

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The Outcome

With the assistance of Aptitude 8, Lucidpress was able to consolidate sales, marketing, service, and operations, by its 90-day deadline.

David estimates that Lucidpress has reduced its technology costs by 50% when compared to its Frankensteined tech stack of Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Workato, and other tools. Lucidpress is saving $77,000 on annual license fees alone, not to mention the costs associated with administering those tools.

Consequently, all the teams are working more efficiently—saving everyone a lot of time.

The Tools


Why Aptitude 8?

The Lucidpress team met with a number of outside consultants with limited success until they found Aptitude 8, an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner.

Aptitude 8 listened to their teams to help them outline priorities and give an unbiased perspective on Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.

“Aptitude 8’s biggest differentiator was its expertise in both Salesforce and HubSpot,” says Lucidpress. “Their teams dug deep to figure out not just WHAT we wanted to do but WHY we wanted to do it. They really strove to understand the context.”

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