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HubSpot Marketing Pro Basic Onboarding

Aptitude 8 will fulfill the basic HubSpot onboarding for the Marketing Pro hub portal including guidance and meetings on the following items: -How your data lives in HubSpot -Lead capture and conversion paths -Segmenting your data -Email marketing -Traffic and website analytics -Content strategy -Automated lead nurturing and internal lead assignment setup -Consulting to migrate/import data from your CRM -Campaign setup and analysis Aptitude 8 will follow HubSpot’s onboarding methodology, Aptitude 8 agrees that the fundamental delivery approach is to teach the End User how to be self-sufficient with HubSpot. *We may not perform any of the services for the End User in this agreement. We may demonstrate concepts or help troubleshoot End User challenges, but may not complete the task on behalf of the End User. *If the client would like for us to perform tasks, this will require a separate SOW with an additional cost.

1 $3,000.00 $3,000.00

Hubspot Marketing Implementation

A8 will implement HubSpot which includes technical implementation, configuration, data migration and lead flow build out. Aptitude 8 will fully configure your HubSpot marketing automation tool including: -Connect email sending and hosting domains to the platform -Build 3 landing page templates and 2 email templates for client staff to use for marketing activities -Swap all forms on Client Site with the new marketing automation tool forms -Build out marketing reporting -Creating a dashboard for marketing metrics & sales activities -Campaign tracking configuration -Designing the marketing to sales handoff -Mapping forms to campaigns -Building out initial lead journeys -Integrating with the rest of your tech stack -Create custom automations sure to increase the quantity and quality of campaigns you are running -Create users & customize permissions

1 $15,000.00 $15,000.00


One-time subtotal $18,000.00

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